Survive THAT day: fake it, till you make it

Hello Darlings,

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to hide, snuggle under a fuzzy blanket and watch re-runs of Sex and the City. Well, the other day was exactly THAT kind of a day and to put a cherry on an un- fabulous cake, I had a very special event to attend.

One of my dear friends and fellow bloggers, Anthea from Clothes Line Finds, was shooting the final scenes for her documentary at designer-blessed The Room which is a haven for all things beautiful and fabulous located on the third floor of The Bay on Queen Street in downtown Toronto. I’ve been told over and over again this is where fashion-addicts’ dreams come true: well, I wish this fashion-addict had a Visa card for a shopping spree like on the show What To Wear

So there I was, standing in my bathroom mirror, fidgeting my life away, observing my hair, which appeared to have gotten into a fight with my blow dryer. My life would have been over long ago if not for Moroccan Oil, but today the coiffure gods were punishing me for not noticing that I was out of my not-so-secret hair remedy.  Still, I managed to tame the beast another way. I took out my favorite YSL magic wand to cover blemishes that occasionally visit, and hide the dark circles that cloud under my eyes during that special time of the month.  I then EVEN decided to outline my eyes with eyeliner, a move sooooo rare that the last time I did was New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t getting dressed to impress - I was getting dressed to kill! Well, that was what I kept telling myself while listening to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

Anthea with Marcus Kan from

I decided to be fierce (this word always makes me chuckle when I actually use it!) and ignore the day’s “beluga complex” and take out a mini skirt. Ladies, this is definitely the perfect choice on a day when you feel like you’re the size of a whale! Nothing says comfort like strutting your stuff in a flirty mini, even if you don’t feel all that flirty. Keep your chin up and walk like you have somewhere fabulous to be, even if it is a grocery store!

You know that if it was not for this crummy frame of mind that makes even the strongest of us want to eat chocolate and hide; you can be surprised how much better things can get when you feel you do look killer. If you don’t believe it, a gentle smile from a random cutie and a comment on “your cute outfit” is bound to change your outlook from dumpy to fabulous!  The last thing that you should do on “THOSE” days is dress dumpy: put on those heels and just get out there! Just remember that you look gorgeous!

I am wearing:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Coat in Sandshell Khaki Trench
Club Monaco Italian Cashmere Sweater
Winter Kate "Tilda" Silk Chiffon Skirt in Vintage
Calvin Klein Sheer Pantyhose
Michael Kors Watch
L.A.M.B Girogie Bootie
Z Spoke by Zac Posen Leather Tote

Still not convinced? Well, in my first year Sociology class we learned this concept while studying delusion, mental instability and society: If you pretend long enough, you are bound to eventually believe something.  In this case, this was about people who are constantly lying to themselves and eventually come to mistake that lie for reality. On another side, American novelist Kurt Vonnegut said, “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

You choose your world! For me, whenever I don’t feel my best, or when I feel insecure, I  spend that extra time getting ready and it usually does wonders for my self- esteem.  Try it! To satisfy the chocolate craving, visit the Godiva store and treat yourself to a Godiva Chocolate Decadence. It takes fabulous to a whole new level! Disregard a fact that you already feel like a whale and just do it… my trick is to wear a loose coat on top for when I just want coverage :P Show some leg and flaunt those heels, but hide your mid-section with a beautiful flow-y top or throw on a loose fitting jacket.

To summarize:

When feeling like a whale on “THOSE” days:

Do spend extra time on yourself.

Be prepared to spend even more time on your hair or just pull it back into a neat pony or high bun.

Do show those gorgeous legs of yours by wearing a fitting pair of pants or a skirt.

Don’t forget to add a pair of heels for extra fabulousness

Do indulge in a chocolate. This is not the time for guilt!

Do wear a flow-y top or a loose jacket. It will make you feel more secure and comfortable.

Do smile!

And do enjoy your day!

What makes you feel better during one of THOSE days....????
When feeling dumpy what makes you feel fabulous?

With Love...


Post proofread by Iris Braunstein

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