Latest Find: Hana Professional Flat Iron-Pink Edition

Hello Darlings,

I have not forgotten of my weekly "Latest Find" section! So here we go... My latest find is this adorable yet powerful Hana Professional Flat Iron-Pink Edition courtesy of Misikko.

I received this cutie awhile back and have been using it non-stop since. Due to its small size and light weight this little guy is a perfect travel companion. It was key survival took during South by Southwest Interactive in Texas as my hair was not manageable. Having wavy hair does not equal effortless, it does however equal pain in the behind when dealing with such small things as frizz. Not only is it pink and comes with lots of nifty accessories, it has a variety of heat settings. I really do love this little guy and can't wait to take him on my next trip!

Do you use a hair straightener? If so, what kind?

With Love...




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