In my Laptop Bag

Hello Darlings,

Without the slightest idea what to wear or expect from the coming day, I am sitting on my bed putting on make-up and sipping on a double short espresso... And began to ponder the question:  what story does my outfit tell?

Last week, I received an e-mail from the art gallery director to participate in a promotional shoot for the University of Toronto. The first thing that hit my mind was.... OMG, what to wear? Unsure how to dress for the occasion, I am really unsure what look is expected? Am I supposed to look like a young professional or an everyday student.... because the two are quite opposite. When in doubt, I always wear what makes me feel fabulous. Because when you're freaking out about other things, your outfit is the last thing that you should worry about... It doesn't matter how fancy or simple it is, as long as you love it!

I decided on a simple stripe top from Ralph Lauren that I only tucked in the front with a pair of high waisted shorts and my favorite silver oxfords from Candela. Ironically the other interns also wore shorts, which was a pleasant surprise. We all really did look coordinated, wearing our black shorts and simple tops. Great minds think alike?

The photo shoot was set in the basement vault of the Art Gallery of Ontario, where all of the art pieces are stored and where the creative thinking happens. Five of the interns were seated behind a huge table with a director, appearing to be having a wonderful and fun time. The atmosphere was comfortable and welcoming. Isn't that just studious?!

I am wearing:

Ralph Lauren Top

Talula Shorts

Luc Kieffer Ring

Candela Tokyo Oxfords

Juicy Couture Laptop Bag

Ray Ban Wayfarers

I love spending time at my university in the summer since it is architecturally beautifully and stunningly landscaped. If you ever visit Toronto, you must see the St. George Campus of University of Toronto. It is situated in the heart of downtown. I should take more pictures to show you darlings.

In my laptop bag... I also decided to include my school bag and belongings that I can't live without...I always wonder what do people carry in their huge purses.

♥ Lenovo Think Pad ♥ Oxford Art & Artists Dictionary ♥ "The Age of Innocence" by Edith Wharton Ray Bans - I wear them 24/7. Wallet - I love this leather baby blue wallet. Binder - to keep my photocopies organized. Lip Gloss and Translucent Powder Cell Phone.

P.S. I would like to apologize for falling behind on commenting, it's a bit busy on my side but your lovely comments always make my days a little brighter. Thank you!

I wish you all a beautiful start to a new week!!!!
With Love... Marta

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