Girls Night Out Dresses

Hello Darlings,

Last night was a girls night out, well boys included but it was all about the ladies! It was a fun night that called for my favorite party dress by Alexander Wang. The simplicity of it makes it ideal for every occasion, but the charming detailing makes it special to me - I always feel like a princess wearing it. Honestly, I don't think that I will ever stop loving this little frock... it is so charming and yet so simple. Perfect for a night of dancing and fun!

Personally, when going to clubs / lounges I prefer simple flirty dresses and sexy heels. I always get bothered at how revealing ladies tend to look at such venues and it makes me wonder why bare it all? Is it really true that less is more when it comes to getting dressed for a night club??? I certainty do not believe in this, but it appears that many women do. I mean, really... is it necessary that the world sees every inch of your body.

What do you like to wear to night clubs/lounges?

I am wearing:

Alexander Wang dress

Mackage "Leane" leather jacket

Be&D Antonia Patent Leather Heels 

Luc Kieffer Barb Wire Ring 

Coach Patent Leather Wristlet

As for the ring, here's a close up (as requested)... it is very stunning and bold. It is a statement piece that I've been looking for to enhance every outfit.

Well, I'm off to do some work and then 30 laps in the swimming pool... surprisingly, I am really in love with swimming!!!!!

With Love...


In my Laptop Bag

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