Stay Warm & Fabulous

Stay Warm & Fabulous

Hello Darlings, This winter steals the spotlight for extreme weather drama with temperatures dropping to - 30 degrees and repeated blizzard like snowstorms. So what's a girl to do when a beach escape is not in the picture? The answer is, everything possible to stay feeling fabulous!

This winter has definitely refined my cold weather wardrobe skills, and the strategy to deal with nature's worst! For the first time ever, I brought out my Manitobah Mukluks to wear in the city, keeping my toes toasty warm and feeling stylish to boot. So regardless of where you are and how cold it is, here are 10 key things that are keeping me fabulous (and sane) this harsh winter.


Invest in a  good quality parka. Mackage is my parka of choice for warmth and style. They retail for over $500 but are a worthwhile spend.

2.Shoe Cleaners

Regardless of how fabulous your shoes are, be sure to stock up on great cleaning products including protective spray, cleansing solution, and a brush.


Buy multiples in different styles, as they are not only a fun accessory but are a necessity to be kept in every purse and car.


I have been using Lancome'sHydrazenline for the past couple of months and absolutely love it.

5.Ski Socks

There is nothing warmer than a pair of ski socks. I promise, this is a happy solution versus wearing boots in winter.

6.Hair Conditioning

The past weeks I've been trying DS LaboratoriesRevitahair care system. For how dry it's been the past month, it's been amazing for my hair.

7.Knit Tights

For those days you're feeling flirty go for a pair of knit tights for added warmth.


Cashmere is your best friend in the winter and I will say it a million times over. It is not only luscious and soft but is super warm.

9.Baby Oil

Add a drop or two of baby oil into your bath to keep your skin soft. I prefer this over having to slather on body cream.

10.Take lots and lots of bubble baths

There is no better way to defrost yourself than with a soothing bubble bath.

Dressing for this type of weather is tricky, as is keeping your skin glowing and hair shining. That's why it so important to find comfort and luxuries in small things. Until the spring arrives, stay fabulous by spoiling yourself with small little gestures. And certainly don't forget to spoil your favorites shoes, purses,  jackets, and knits with proper care.

What are your cold weather secrets?

With Love...


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