Packing a Carry-On

Packing a Carry-On

Hello Darlings, As travel has progressively become a big part of my life, so have the hassles of packing. Recently, I finally embraced the benefits of travelling with only a carry-on bag, and without much whining have learned how to pack strategically. Asking a girl to compromise on a pair of shoes is as terrible as the thought of losing a cell phone! One word: terror! 

For a woman, carry-on only is a sacrifice that is worth making. Having a well planned suitcase makes it a lot easier when traveling for business. Trust me, you don't want to have too many options and in fact, having outfits in mind comes in handy when running between meetings. A second perk is never worrying about lost luggage, and a final perk is saving time. For those who spend a lot of time in airports, those three perks are worth the sacrifice of an extra pair of shoes!

Here are some of my carry-on musts:

  • Always check the weather forecast for your destination.

  • Always check carry on regulations. For Canada here and USA here

  • Always pack your favorite shampoo and conditioner in 50 ml bottles.

  • Always pack your skin favorites. This is when testers come in handy.

  • Always wear a cashmere sweater or scarf on the plane.

  • Always have your laptop ready as you will have to take it out at security.

  • Always bring socks for when you need to take off your shoes at security.

  • Always double check that you brought your chargers.

  • Always have cash.

  • Always bring headphones.

  • Always bring one fabulousoutfit option, as you simply never know.

What exactly to pack depends on the occasion, destination and time of the year. However, remember to pack items that you love to wear and when space is limited it's not the time to try something new. To be safe and feeling great, bring choices that are classic and that will work for a number of occasions. For me those always include:

1.  Dark skinny jeans

2.  Cashmere sweater

3.  Cute skirt

4.  Silk Blouse

5.  LBD

6.  Heels

Don't worry if you forget something, since chances are you will be able to find what you are missing at your destination, maybe not need it at all.

And if you want to follow my travel adventures, I try to post lots of photos on my instagram at @MartaTryshak :)

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