Shorts = Complicated... Wilfred Shorts

Hello Darlings, 

Shorts = Complicated. Finding the perfect shorts was a never ending mission until I came upon these Wilfred shorts. In my search, I  tried cute classic cuts that look prim and proper, the distressed über short shorts that hardly covered my bottom and looks grunge, the boyfriend shorts that looked laid back, and countless other styles.


None of them worked for me!!! They looked alright but they were simply not me. I will only buy an item when I feel like it fits my style. And this pair WAS ME!!! YAYAY... mission impossible, made possible.

Finding these silk Wilfred's yesterday was a blessing, and much thanks to my mom for picking them out. They are breezy, silky, neutral colored and an ideal addition to my summer wardrobe.A unique take on a summer classic. Easy to dress up and easy to dress down. My summer wardrobe is all about effortless simplicity. Plus they were on sale from $60 to $50... not a huge difference but better than nothing.
I am wearing:
Wilfred Silk Shorts;
Abercrombie & Fitch tee;
Wilfred Sweater;
Marc Jacobs Sunglasses;
Gustto Cokera Purse;
Pearl earrings (gift from parents);
Today I also discovered a beautiful botanical garden just 5 minutes from my home. I wish I had known such beauty exists so close by... I would have spent all of those hours reading Vanity Fair there. I am down 650 pages about 50 more to go :)

Also, I would like to send out a special THANK YOU to two very wonderful blogger's: Little Rus at Fashion Tidbits and That Girl at Forty Not Out for the lovely awards!!!! Thank you darlings :D

P.S. I am overwhelmed at how supportive you've been of my Elle Canada contest pages... I HAVE ADDED A NEW LOOK. If you haven't had a chance to check them out ... Click HERE.Thanks a million!!!
With Love... Marta

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