Shopping with purpose and staying on "trend"...

Hello Darlings,

Last week as I was browsing yet another store trying to find those "perfect" items, but found absolutely "nothing". As exaggerated as this may sound I did feel quite hopeless. Not only was there zero spark of excitement, I was shopping with purpose to add a few classic pieces. At frst, I was on a mission to find a cashmere sweater and a silk blouse. Now, I am searching for a camel coat.

When I shop it's with a very particular goal in mind. Finding items can  take months and based on wear per cost, I decide whether it is a good idea to splurge or just walk away.  Over the past year, I've re-evaluated my shopping habits. Although shopping is on my list of my favorite activities, I don't need to constantly buy new items but rather try making the best of what I already own. Buying something new is no rocket science but creating a classic and practical wardrobe that will serve you in all walks of life... well, now that is a challenge. But  one that  is definitely worth pursuing.

Nowadays, I am more concerned about being smart with my finances. Looking and feeling wonderful is not something that I am willing to sacrifice. but lately I've become much more financially aware. I want the best that I can afford. I am spending wisely, which means staying away from items just because they are trendy and instead focusing on quality.

 I will always crave a little bit of cute and quirky in my life! I do not want to sound like a shopping "Nazi" because I do have occasional impulse buys (thank goodness for return policies) but most of the time these days I try to stay away. I feel great because I am budgeting and because I found items that I really love.

Being young is challenging. Appearance is such a big part of our culture. So it's my hope that by sharing my personal experience honestly and without glamorizing the act of shopping, then maybe I can inspire one girl to look at the world of shopping and splurging realistically and cautiously.

Sometimes having access to a credit card, 24/7 on-line shopping, department stores and of course fashion magazines can overwhelm and create a sense of entitlement. With our culture emphasizing the idea of women being entitled to all things designer and fabulous, we forget that fashion is a luxury and dangerous one. It should be treated in that way, as a luxury and be approached with caution. I will be farther focusing on this issue with a super exciting guest post...  I can't wait to share it with you.

I am wearing:
Mackage "Leane" Lamb Leather Jacket—from
Club Monaco Italian Cashmere Sweater —from Club Monaco
Burberry Dark Indigo Wash Flare Leg— from Holt Renfrew Last Call
Wilfred wool scarf—from Aritzia
Stella McCartney Sock Booties —a gift
Gustto "Cokera" Purse—from
Michael Kors Watch—a gift
Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Bracelets—from

As for the outfit, it consists of some of my favorites: my Burberry  jeans, a leather jacket, a cashmere sweater, a scarf, booties and a spacious purse. All pieces were purchased with a purpose and are not impulse buys, which will explain as to why I tend to re-wear them often. As for the twist, I am wearing my new Marc by Marc Jacobs jelly  bracelets.I simply could not resists the cuteness factor.

What do you think about my approach to shopping? Agree or Disagree? 

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

With Love...


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