How to Decode a Party Invitation

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Holiday season comes with pressure to have statement party dresses to wear. With so many occasions, I set out to find my own "must-have" holiday cocktail dress.

“A white dress she had on. She was carrying a white parasol. I only saw her for one second. She didn’t see me at all. But I’ll bet a month hasn’t gone by since that I hadn’t thought of that girl.”

– Citizen Kane

So I checked my trusty fashion books for tips on how to find that ideal cocktail dress as well as how to decode a party invitation. I am sure everyone has encountered an invitation that left you dazed and confused as to what is expected of your attire.

Before hitting the mall, keep in mind….

(Victoria Beckham, That extra half an inch)

Goal: The perfect party dress is one that gives a hint of sexy, and shows off the best of your body shape, but is also comfortable so you don't spend the whole evening fidgeting with it and you can concentrate on being sparkly, witty and fabulous.

Be careful not to get one that’s too obviously in fashion at the moment because party dresses can be expensive and you’ll spend a lot of money on something you can wear only a few times before it dates.

It’s best to go for something in a classic shape.

Be wary of sheer fabrics. Keep in mind how it will look under certain lights.

Go easy on embellishment. It can be tacky, weight the dress down and make it very expensive at the same time.

Make sure that the fit is correct. Do not fall for a too small curse.

Same rules apply when deciding on bridesmaid dress or a wedding dress.  No need to look like frumpy cupcake :P

Before leaving home, decode that invite….

(Nina Garcia, Look Book)

Casual: Whatever you want, within reason of course; it’s still a party.

Business Casual: Office attire.

Festive: Think cocktail with a tad more whimsy ad glitter.

Cocktail: This calls for your LBD or other equally fabulous party dresses.

Business Formal: Basically semiformal, but err on the prim side.

Semiformal/Informal: Same as cocktail.

Formal: Wear an evening gown or very dressy separates.

Black-It Optional: As the name implies, slightly less formal than black tie.

Black Tie: For women, black tie equals formal; for me it means wear a tux.

White Tie: The most formal of formal wear is required. Men must wear a white tie, with vest and the whole nine yards. Women are expected to wear evening gowns.

I decided on a LWD ("little white dress"), which as Nina Garcia points out is the unsung hero of the dress department. I figured the creamy white was perfect and looked great with my red hair. The long sleeve made it a perfect choice for colder weather and I just adored the simple style of it.

I am wearing:
Wilfred Shirt Dress—from Aritzia
Marc by Marc Jacobs Coat in Sandshell Khaki—from Holt Renfrew
Marc by Marc Jacobs " House of Cards Court Harem" ring set
  Michael Kors Watch
Marc by Marc Jacobs "New Q" Wristlet— from
YSL "tropper" pump—from Holts Last Call

I wore this outfit to a party at the Thompson Hotel. To add color, my Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch with complimented my trench coat's lining.

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Weekend!!!

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And the Winner is...

Shopping with purpose and staying on "trend"...