Shopping and What It Says About You

Hello Darlings, I am the type of woman who loves to shop - but is there really any other type? I browse my favorite online stores such as Shopbop,  Javelin Online, and Bluefly regularly as if training for my own Olympic sport. I especially enjoy the change of seasons for sales and splurges, but mostly just love the thrill of the hunt.

"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her" is a famous quote by Marcelene Cox. I am paranoid with certain fabrics like polyester, and can't watch security tags being removed from delicate garments, so for sure I am a "paranoid shopper".

I AM WEARING: Iro Tiaz Dress // Miu Miu Zebra Suede Flats // Kate Spade Little Blaine Satchel // Kate Spade Retro Sunglasses // Marc by Marc Jacobs Big Idea Mirror Watch //Alexander McQueen Razor Necklace

What I aspire to be is a "Practical Shopper". Why buy a skirt with an uneven hem or a blouse with a pull in it? No woman deserves anything less then perfection, so why not save your money until you find that perfect purchase? Unfortunately last weekend I realized there is work to be done to achieve "Practical Shopper" status. Today's photos are of this relatively expensive Iro dress, that I bought last summer for $560. There is something about the dress that I really loved, but there was also something that caused me to only wear it ONCE in a year. Last June, I wore it to MMVA parties and it has been hanging in my closet since. Finally last Sunday I wore this dress again to a brunch-date, which made me realize this was not my proudest purchase to spend so much to wear it once a year!

Although there is something positive to be said about re-discovering clothes that you have in your own closet, the reality is that if you don't entirely love something - don't buy it. The likelihood of you loving it decreases with every passing day, not to mention that seasons change and it will eventually go out of style.

So what does shopping say about me? One bad buy isn't a huge drama, so I can accept that I took a chance and learned a lesson. Part of the thrill of shopping should be taking some chances and trying new things you think can make you feel and look fabulous. However as everyone else does, I have my spending limits so hopefully this dress is my little reality check to be sure my upcoming fall wardrobe shopping yields things that I KNOW will be loved and worn often. Happy Hunting!

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