Bring Out Your Inner Diva

Hello DarlingsSparkles rule on the streets of Toronto this weekend as the annual Caribbean Carnival (formerly known as Caribana) takes place along the Lakeshore. The main event is the Grand Parade where it's estimated that 10,000 dancers wearing costumes - mostly bikinis adorned with sparkles, bright feathers and Caribbean-inspired regalia - dance to live Caribbean music.

With all the glitz and glamour of the costumes worn by the ladies in the parade, one sure can pick up a tip or two. To dance in the parade, a girl needs to know how to strut her stuff and be confident in a look that leaves only glitter to the imagination.

If you feel like checking out Caribbean Carnival, you still have a few days to prepare. Even if you're not in the parade, the carnival is a massive street party where many spectators also dress the part. And if crowds are not your style, why not still enjoy the glorious summer weather bringing our your inner diva at the beach or chambre à coucher - just be sure to have some of these ten items in your bag of tricks! And remember, cheeky is the way to go...

Glitter Words -

1. Sexy one piece

A sexy one piece is a must for a little fun in the sun, or even a bedroom rendezvous. Whether it is a sexy teddy or an alluring one piece swim suit, having a beautiful one piece is like having a little black dress ready for any occasion.

My suggestion: La Vie En Roses's Tatyana Lace Teddy 

2. Glitter

After-all, we are embracing out inner diva and what diva does without glitter. The right body glitter can be used for any occasion and the result is usually beautiful skin with a dewy finish.

My suggestion: Tarina Tarantino's Shimmer Dust

3. Bubble Bath

Before any event, every diva knows that the best way to start out is with a luscious bubble bath.

My suggestion: Lush's Sex Bomb

4. Stilettos

A right pair of stilettos will bring out the diva in every woman, and the higher the heel the better.

My suggestion: Christian Louboutin's Asteroid  Spike-Toe Pumps

5. Perfume

Scent is half of the equation, the other half is you.

My suggestion: Chanel's No. 5

6. Feather Fan

A perfect accessory to spice up your Caribbean Carnival outfit, not to mention for the bedroom. One way or another, feather fans are awesome.

My suggestion: La Vie En Roses's Feather Fan 

7.  Champagne

To put you in the right state of mind.

My suggestion: Veuve Clicquot

8. Strawberries

Because they taste amazing with champagne, especially when they are fed to you.

My suggestion: Ontario's Organic Strawberries

9. Glow In The Dark Balm

After a long day, who doesn't want to be touched and for that matter left a glow in the dark message. Let it be yours and his little secret!

My suggestion: La Vie En Rose's  Rose Elixir  Secret Message Balm

10.  A bikini

Because every woman knows that once the absolute terror of wearing a bikini goes away, you actually feel sexy wearing it. Don't hide your stunning curves all summer, be proud and make a bold statement.

My suggestion: La Vie En Roses' Tribal  Mask Mix Bikini

Once equipped with tools to ensure your long weekend will be fabulous and full of glitz and glam, be sure to have fun and spoil yourself regardless of what you decide.

With Love...


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