Sheer Tops and Exposing your Bra

Hello Darlings,

Although the appeal of this sexy trend is understandable, I've been wondering whether an everyday woman can pull off this look? There is a fine line between trashy and sensual...  how do you know when you've crossed that line???

Spring 2009:Jean Paul Gaultier; Christian Dior; Roberto Cavalli;

YSL; Alexander McQueen; Alexander Wang.

Lately, I am obsessed with sheer tops, including my favorites from Club Monaco and Talula Babaton. There is something beautiful about the lightness of the fabric and the way it drapes over the body.

Dressing for late dinner and drinks seemed like a pretty good occasion to venture out "semi-naked". I decided to play it "safe" by wearing a sweater over a simple semi-sheer tee and pretty black graphic bra. Personally, I think this trend is best kept for evening wear, since exposing your bra in a subtle way can add a little something to an otherwise a simple outfit.

This is a love/hate trend for me. I love the look but to a certain degree hate the feeling that makes me wonder what exactly I am thinking going out in public looking like this! But then again what would fashion be if we didn't experiment... this is my experiment!!!

I am wearing:

Talula Babaton Semi-Sheer Tee

D&G Bralet

French Connection Skirt

Wilfred Sweater

Michael Kors Oxfords

I was nervous stepping out with my bra visible, but with a sweater judgmental looks were seemingly avoided. The tee is not overly sheer, but still gives a good glimpse of the lace and graphic details of the bra. I felt  comfortable enough to wear this again, and think the sheer trend is a good way to spice up a date night outfit.

Do you love or hate the sheer trend?

How do you feel wearing it?

With Love... Marta
Source:; the fashion spot

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