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First, thank you all for your sweet comments on my Elle Canada page. I've posted another look... check it out by clicking here and here. Your support means a lot.By the way, I am wondering if you have any post requests... I am open to any suggestions!!!

Amazing footwear and purses. I just picked up this pair. Can't wait to see them!
Be&D Antonia Pump Maybelline Pulse Perfection
I was given a chance to try out this mascara as well as to give it out to my friends before it is released. Well, my friends and I agree that the look is subtle and natural. It's like having perfect natural lashes, but the secret is in the mascara. The mascara is ideal for everyday use to create a beautiful natural look, as well as for a night out by adding a second coat. At first the pulse is a bit difficult to get used to, but once you do the results are pretty amazing. Give it a try!!!

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Interesting Flats I need a pair !!!

Candela Loro Sandal; F-Troupe Patent Saddle Shoe; Candela Tokyo Shoe .

Marquis & Camus Most perfect jewelry. I am so in love!!!

Pretty Lingerie Peeking Through Aminaka Wilmont Pull Tab Necklace So wicked!

Perfect Light Denim Shorts

A&F Cleo Shorts

True Blood

This show is so awesome, I love it. It's like Twilight for adults... dirty, scary, sexy and absolutely amazing!!!

Godiva Liqueur

Amazing drinks to take you from day to night. Give them both a try, it is like a taste of heaven!


Off I go to do some work for my internship...


With Love... Marta


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Pretty Ballerina Flats

Sheer Tops and Exposing your Bra