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Hello Darlings, 

I am most comfortable in neutrals or pastels. I usually avoid bright or loud colors except in summer. This may just be a phase, since I do change my mind often, but never when it comes to colors my preferences are black, grey, white and beige.


Color is not the only way to make an outfit exciting. Colorful accessories can make a dull outfit come alive, as can playing with textures and materials. To me, nothing in fashion is as important as attention to DETAILS...


Details mean something to me, such as proper fit, stitching, no stains / rips, clean and wrinkle-free (always surprising to see how many people wear ripped or stained white tees).... Paying close attention to tiniest details makes an outfit look organized and neat.


I love wearing bracelets or cuffs over simple cashmere gloves in order to add some interest to a winter outfit. Also, I've always loved matching my gloves to my purse.


I am wearing:

Language Los Angeles Tunic

American Apparel Disco Pants

Soia & Kyo Annisa - Z Wool Coat

Portolano Cashmere Gloves in Eggplant

Accessories & Beyond Elastic Bracelet

Kimberly Baker Dove Necklace

Regina Italia Handmade Italian Leather Bag

Juicy Couture Leather Boots


And thanks for your comments on the T by by Alexander Wang. Although expensive, I am unimpressed with the collection - the dresses remind me of night gowns. I am curious if the quality and fit is what makes them expensive, since the materials are "not my favorite" nor are the cuts original.


Tag:  I found this photo - it always reminds me of ballet backstage.
It must be the dresses that looks like a tutu

A huge thanks to Anthea from Clothes Line Finds

Also, Alissa from mmm, maryjane for featuring me :)


With Love... Marta
Sources: Fashion Spot.

Alice & Olivia Sequin Top

T by Alexander Wang