Sarah Klassen from Haute Design: Closet Organization + Décor

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With several e-mails about a closet makeover, I decided to consult a professional. So I am excited to present this post from one of my favorite bloggers Sarah Klassen from Haute Design.

Sarah Klassen from Haute Design: Organization + Décor


I hope this offers inspires your closet makeover.  So, turn on some music, and take every single item out of your closet. Yes, I mean everything! And have fun...


Concept: Approach your re-design with a boutique feel


First, consider the look and feel you want. Maybe a “Club Monaco " look with black and white accents, a dramatic look with dark wood accents, or a feminine closet with plenty of pink. Deciding what you want to achieve first will make purchasing accessories easier.

Below is a step-by-step guide for re-organizing and decorating your closet, compiled from professionals and  my experiences in the décor and fashion boutique industry.


Part One: Organize the Basics

One: Sort your clothing. If you have not worn something in a year, chances are you won't again. Trash or donate the unwearables. And while everything is out of the closet, paint or wallpaper with neutral backdrop so wardrobe colors show off well.

Two: remove off-season items. Pack them away neatly. This will help you to select items for an outfit quicker, as well leave you with more room…

Three: start with the bones.  Start with the basics such as at least one rod for hanging longer items such as coats and dresses, and two rods for shorter hanging items such as skirts and tops. Hang rods at least one foot from the wall. For shorter items, allow 3-4 feet between rods so that clothing can hang without touching anything below.

As for shelving, flat wood is preferred. Wire is standard, but will leave marks in your clothing and is not as aesthetically pleasing.

Add a tall, thin section of drawers, preferably near the center of the closet, to  store unmentionables, socks, scarves, hats, etc. Alternatively, add cabinetry below your hanging clothing. The more permanent are your solutions, the easier it will be to stay neat.

To store your footwear in your closet, have a designated spot. Clear or frosted vertical stacks are best – they look clean, but you can still see the shoe.

Four: select one hanger look. My favorite is wood hangers. They last, do not leave marks on your clothes, and provide a boutique feel.

01  Basic – your simple, wood hanger

02  All-purpose – for hanging tops + bottoms on one single hanger

03  Bottoms – hanging skirts, pants, shorts, etc. Usually with one or more clips

04  Notched – ideal for thin straps, so they do not slip off

05  Deluxe – has widened shoulders/ideal for suit or winter jackets

06  Padded – for special, delicate dresses and silks that must keep their shape

Five: purchase boxes. I have four large, black leather covered boxes. They are sturdy, store a number of things, keep them dust-free, and look chic.

Six: buy garment bags for specialty items such as wedding dresses, beaded dresses, lace pieces, leather, etc.  Avoid plastic when covering leather, as it can cause the leather to crack.

Part Two: Arrange Your Clothing + Accessories

 After the architecture of the space, now organize how the clothing will be displayed.

One: Start with placing clothing on rods in color stories. Categorize by function, placing workout wear together, and more formal wear together. Then, long, bulkier pieces, such as coats and dresses, placing them in color schemes… all blacks, grays, magentas, etc. spreading heavy items apart to lessen stress on the rod. Then do shorter sections, leaving at least ¼” between garments to avoid wrinkles and for a more aesthetically pleasing look. * do not hang overly delicate items, such as cashmere, fold them instead.

If your rods run along the same height, hang all lengths of clothing together according to color scheme and function. This organization will provide efficiency in selecting an outfit.

Two: Fold delicates and clothing accessories. Organize pieces by relevance such as by color. Keep whatever possible in drawers and/or boxes for a neat, dust free appearance. Purchase organizers for inside drawers and boxes to divide smaller items such as belts and ties. Keep heavier, larger items on the bottom. To be extra organized, label your boxes with simple, clean labels for easy viewing.

Three: set up your shoes and handbags. Again, go by color and style. This goes for shoe boxes as well, as racks and shelving. Go for as streamlined of a look as possible.

Part Three: The Final Touches

With the main clothing, accessories, and shoes in place, add some flavor to the look…

 01  Display a frame with an inspiring magazine cover on a shelf to make your closet feel special.

02  Have a special hook to hang a favorite necklace or handbag… or your outfit for the day.

03  Add statement knobs to closet doors and pulls to add interest and variety.

04  Use scented sachets. My favorites are lavender, coconut, or “wish” by Lollia.

05  Hang tags – use paper tags to set around your hanger to scribble an outfit description.

06  Add a little soft rug, maybe a chair or bench, if space permits.

07  If you have vintage or new chic hat boxes, use them!

A Few Tips From Real Simple “The Organized Home”:

01 Rub clothing rods with wax paper to promote easy sliding.

02 Add battery-powered, easy mount lights inside your closet if needed.

03 Keep lint brushes/rollers close at hand.


Part 2 of the Closet  Organization+ Décor is  Up and can be found HERE!!!!

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