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Every morning, my ritual is to put on my make- up while in bed watching TV and getting my daily dose of caffeine. After, I walk into my closet and dwell on what to wear to the point that I am running late... This morning, I walked in and reached for my  pair of  knee high boots and a fuzzy  jacket. The boots were a predictable choice, but my second reach was for none-other than the fuzzy jacket! To be brutally honest....

... my mom convinced me to get it and I am glad she did! However, the reason why I agreed was they were on sale from $79 for $29.99. And worst case, I figured that it would work well with my Halloween costume. The purchase in my eyes was disposable! At first I was uncomfortable with the idea of wearing something so flashy since my style tends to be more subtle and simple. Then I was uncomfortable with an idea of looking like a plush toy. However, morning after morning I've been reaching for this fuzzy (plush or faux-fur whichever you prefer, I call it fuzzy) jacket!  As I stood there giggling in my closet at the idea of falling in love with an item I thought was just a one-time thing. I realize at how screwed up this notion is....

.... Disposable Fashion!! Almost like a tissue, use and toss! Then I realized, OMG....I fell into the trap, the same trap I am vehemently opposed to!  The idea of, "hey it is on sale, so it's a total bargain even if I wear it once. It is so cute, why not?" Actually, the jacket is very soft and well made, I was surprised at the quality! But it is the idea that I fell for! It is the idea of disposable is what freaked me out!!!

How screwed up is the idea of disposable fashion:

Trends that appear and disappear within a week. God forbid if you do not follow them, then you are definitely outdated.

Don't even think of wearing yesterdays trend, you'll be in a fashion limbo. So what do you do with those items of yesterday.  You dispose of them... whether it is in the garbage,back of your closet, or donate.

" Never wear the same thing twice!"... oooh so fabulous of a statement, but how stupid of an idea that it is.

Quantity  over quality. Why buy one thing when you can buy a million, who cares  it is only going to be worn few times.

As I've come to realize this, I felt ashamed... I've gone too far with this one!!! I couldn't believe myself....Despite the fact that I do adore the jacket, it is the intention to wear it once maybe twice is what disguised me! It is not the item or the cost, but the idea that bothers me. DISPOSABLE!!!!! You spend your money, no matter how little or how much it is and then you toss it away.

I've always been and still am a firm believer in quality over quantity. Classic pieces but with fun and trendy touches. I've never supported the fast pace of the fashion world, but believed in recycling the classics to come up with new silhouettes.I've never believed in the idea of buy something to wear just once. I hate the idea of disposable and a fact that I went as far as believing in it,  freaked me out!!!

Glow Magazine: What trend to you wish would just go away?

Michael Kors: " Disposable fashion-buying a top for Friday night and throwing it out on Sunday. We've taught a whole generation of women to ignore quality and jump on a new trend every 10 seconds; we need to teach them about investment dressing and that  jacket and suit aren't dirty words." ( Glow, November issue)

I am wearing: Wilfred Nude Cropped Top; H&M Tweed Skirt; H&M Fuzzy Jacket; Calvin Klein Opaque Tights;  Marcio Designs for Davids Shoes Thigh High Boots; Gustto Cokera Purse; Diamond Ring courtesy Ice.com Jewelers.

Now, as for the outfit...well, I finally found that perfect tweed skirt :)  I love it!  I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised at how many  cute and quality pieces H&M has this season. I love that this skirt can be worn all year around and it creates a very young but classic silhouette. To add a casual touch to the outfit, I settled for a nude cropped top.

What do you think of Disposable Fashion??? DO you Love the idea or Hate it?

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P.S. This Sunday, I will be featuring a two post collaboration with one of my  favorite bloggers , Sarah Klassen from Haute Design. I am very excited as this is a first guest post on With Love...

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!!!

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