Sans Make-up...

Hello Darlings,

There are times when I just don’t feel like dressing up or wearing make-up and today is the day. This is one of those days when you just want to go au naturale and kick back with those I love most. Today was my casual day sans make-up and just relaxing in comfortable clothing while spending sometime in the park over a cup of coffee.

Although this is not the look I would normally post as there is nothing chic about it! However, I felt the need to share a look that is as much a part of me as sky scraper stilettos or a mini.  Sure posting images of yourself with no makeup and wearing all comfortable is nerve wreaking….but what the hell, it feels awesome: P

In my previous post, I was just really hoping to encourage even one woman to embrace herself, even if it is for a mere moment. I want women to love themselves and enjoy how beautiful we all are! Although easier said than done, it is a lesson that I am willing to learn every day. It’s probably my stubborn side, or as Andrew would say my feminist inside, but I am not the one to give into any of that tradition woman stuff where a woman is supposed to be all perfect and look like a doll every day. Yes, we should look lovely for ourselves but that does not mean that we need to look like dolls. Really, Hollywood ladies are not the best role models :P At least not in my eyes!

So, today’s mission was to go about with my day wearing no make-up, proudly! Of course, I’ve stepped outside with no make-up but always hiding behind my sunnies or with my head tilted down. But today, I was going to force myself to be proud of looking the way I do.  I was very uncomfortable at first but felt quite amazing once I got used to the idea. Your mind will follow if you set yourself up to believe in something! Believe in beauty and it will shine through, believe in ugly and that will show.  I did feel quite insecure and “not-pretty” at some points but that was just my worst critic crawling up on me. You have the power to control at how negatively you perceive yourself but you also have the power to fall in love with the person that you are.

The "trick" to wearing no makeup and feeling a-okay is all in the hair. As one of my close friends said, if your hair look flawless it doesn’t really matter how much make up you’re wearing. You will feel fab!  I agree, when your hair looks pretty, not wearing make-up feels fine :P I think that if you were to roll out of the bed and just hit the street, it would look a tad too disheveled but with well-done hair you will look neat and confident. Not wearing makeup does exude confidence and that is something I do admire!

Of course, I am not going to make it a regular occurrence of not wearing makeup but knowing that I am comfortable enough to just be is a very comforting thought. I do enjoy dolling up and adding that touch of mascara, blush and lip gloss…but I don’t have the need to hide behind a mask.  Personally, I don’t find myself to be conventionally pretty but I like do the person that I am. At the end of the day I can say that I am comfortable in my own skin….after years and years of battling between love and hate, I’ve accepted what I look like.  Therefore, this look is me being comfortable in my own skin and feeling comfortable enough to wear whatever it is that I feet. Not having to worry if I look pretty or appealing is very liberating!

I am wearing:
TNA Stripes Top—Aritzia on Queen St. West
T by Alexander Wang Sweats—from
Candela "Tokyo" Brogues in Silver—from
Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse—from Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Bleeker St., NYC
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Miss Marc" Earrings—from Bloomingdales Soho, NYC
A.V. Max Studded Cuff—from

Try it…even if it just for an hour, day or month! Not giving a damn of how others perceive you and just loving yourself! The feeling is exhilarating! Even if it is just to prove a point to yourself… It will make you feel Fabulous! I promise :)

But before I leave I must know:

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Well,  I am off to pick up a mother's day gift! Be back soon :)

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful day!!!

With Love...


Filled With Sunshine..

Why does it take so long to discover Confidence....