Round Two...

Hello Darlings,

Well, today is my Christmas. Yup, I celebrate Christmas twice, kind of....

As I am Ukrainian, I officially celebrate Christmas on January 7th with Christmas Eve dinner on the 6th  and church the next day followed by family time ( which in case is going to be spent studying). Although we do exchange gift and have dinner on December 25, this Christmas is very traditional for my family. I love my culture and Ukrainian traditions and my family is very strict on following all of the rituals (they have been around for ages). This Christmas has nothing to do with gifts and gift giving; it is mostly spiritual and religious celebration (no Santa this time around: P). This is a very special time of the year for me. I usually get a bit nostalgic, as my family is in Ukraine...although one day I would love to go back to celebrate the holiday season with them once again, like the old times. ( Maybe when university is not going to stand in the way :P)

Although I am not dressing up today, I do have an outfit to share from New York. I wore this for a night of awesome Italian cuisine and jazz…with Andrew and some  of our friends.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting  more with my clothes and totally obsessing over Marc Jacobs. And when I say obsessing with Marc Jacobs I am not kidding….I’ve bought 7 pieces from him in the last two weeks : S  I just love his quirky touch! Although this outfit came quite unexpectedly to me ( I was drinking wine, got chilly threw on a sweater that was lying next to me… it turned out to be my new Marc sweater...looked into the mirror and was like "Hey! I love it! Andrew and friends agreed and we all left for dinner :P ) I loved the combination so much that I think that this is one of my favorite outfits from last year  and possibly from this one ( hopefully not, but you get the point I love it) :P Yup, I even prioritize my outfits…and whenever I do not feel inspired or feel down, I look over some of my posts and re-wear the look (knowing that I love it and look fabulous).

I am wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs Quilted Duo Hoodie ( from Holt Renfrew);  Wilfred Bustier Tank ( from Aritzia);  Free People  Tutu ( a gift from Andrew); Calvin Klein Opaque Tights ( from Winners); Michael Kors Watch ( a gift from Andrew);   Stella McCartney  Sock Booties ( a gift from parents).

P.S. I decided to mention the stores along with the item brands and on-line links (if available) to make it easier for you to find the item :) I plan on doing this from now on for every outfit!

I think that the beautiful quilting (hard to capture with a camera  indoors) of the material, the gold detailing of the buttons and the zipper and of course, the delicate puff at the sleeves and cute pockets give this sweater a touch of interest making it not so simple after all. It is very fun but can be easily dressed up or down! It  works perfectly in the winter ( thanks to its double layer) and it looks adorable underneath my Mackage Leane leather jacket, or could even work by itself in the summer. I adore transition piece and usually am willing to spend extra for the ones that I really love, such as this was totally worth buying . Let’s just say…I love it!!! Te -He… I know, it is so silly to get excited over an outfit… but I just am  and I am not very good at hiding anything :P (especially excitement)

Do you ever get really excited about an outfit…. (you know, the moment of “creative genius” and you come up with a wicked look and then feel totally “childishly” proud.) Or am I just a total “weirdo”? :P

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Well, I am off got some reading to finish... school is already kicking my behind!

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

With Love...


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