Quebec Notable Awards

Hello Darlings, Last night in Montreal, I had the pleasure of attending the Quebec Notable Awards. What a wonderful event, to celebrate 20 and 30 somethings who are achieving notable things in a variety of careers ranging from fashion to marketing to medicine.

The awards ceremony took place in Montreal's Old Port, with a stylish crowd of roughly 500 people keenly listening as the Notable Award winners were announced. Emcee Genevieve Borne was excellent, keeping the event fun and was very impressive as she flowed between speaking english and french.

If you aren't familiar with the website, is a "digital hub" for young professionals. Founded by 29 year old Julian Brass, has writers in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver who post stories daily about the going's on in each city, and frequent profile pieces on the twenty and thirty somethings in each of the cities who as the saying goes, are "notable". It's a fun read if you've never checked it out...

Back to my Notable night out, I have spent a lot of time in Montreal the past year and have met a lot of wonderful people. Congratulations to two of my Montreal friends who won awards last night - Claudia Emde who is the Marketing Director at the W Montreal hotel, and Isabelle Randez who is the Brand Communications Manager for L'Oreal Luxe - who are both in the photo above! Also joining us in the photo above (and also nominated last night) are Tania Semper who owns the website and Maya Azzi who manages the marketing for Armani Cosmetics.

The format of the awards presentation was really well done, as the winners were announced in groups of four categories. And then the four winners were brought on stage, with each having an opportunity to share a few words about their careers, and what motivates them to excel in their chosen field. It was a really smart format, keeping a good flow of the show so there were no "down" moments.

 Special mention should go out to Ford Canada for sponsoring the event to promote their Fusion car brand. I think it's really wonderful that their executives supported Julian Brass and his to put on such a fabulous show, to celebrate talented young people, and to give everyone a good reason to come together to meet interesting new people - and hopefully more great things will come as a result of this fabulous event.

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