Ciaté Caviar Nails

Hello Darlings,

As all things caviar are concerned, I love Salmon Roe, Beluga, and Ossetra! But with nails, well caviar just doesn't work. In theory caviar is a good idea, in practice not so much. Caviar nails have been the talk about town for months and after a casual trip to Sephora, I walked out with Ciaté caviar mini bar. Eager to try, I tested this newest trend in manicures!

Let me start of by saying that I love their nail lacquers but the caviar beads are a mess, literally. Messy or not, I am the kind of a girl that will make a big effort to get something that I want. So after numerous tries and errors, I finally finished my mani.

The following day, my morning shower was when things made a turn for the worst. While washing my hair, I not only conditioned my hair, but left hundreds of tiny beads in my hair - yuck! Still, with half the nails left with bunch of empty spots, I went on with my day wondering if it was just a problem with showering. Well it wasn't and throughout the day lost the rest of the beads, and finished my day with getting another new mani.

So while I love the concept and the initial look, but caviar is just not practical.

Have you ever tried it? If so, what was your experience like?

With Love...



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