Poor Manners on the Blogger-Sphere! WHY? ....

Hello Darlings,
After a stressful day, I finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy the blogger-sphere...however, what I found were NASTY AND HURTFUL COMMENTS made on my birthday (Vegas) post! Although I am used to receiving rude comments anonymously, either on this blog or e-mail. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!! And finally decided to voice myself!!!

I am not here to set an example of any kind but only to connect with people who share common interests. I never understand the need as to why people insult??? Sure, you don't like what I am wearing...it is fine and I would love for you to express your opinions. However, there are many ways to stay polite while being honest.


It is always amazing what people can do or say when they feel hidden or protected. I know that this is a common problem many of the blogger's face, but I have had ENOUGH. BE POLITE, even if you chose to stay anonymous!!! Show some respect to the individuals who are responsible for the blogs, since it is THEIR creative circuit... and it is your choice whether or not you want to emerge yourself in it!

THERE IS NEVER A REASON TO EXERCISE POOR MANNERS!!! Why do people have the need to be soo nasty? If you've ever made a nasty comment, please explain to me what made you do that??? Why not be polite instead ? I am honestly curious to understand as to why someone would EVER want to hurt an individual??? Don't you feel ashamed of your actions?

Reading comments like these, whether it be on my blog or others... makes me question as to why our society is soooo screwed up? We blame media for "brainwashing us" but at the end of the day, it comes down to us and how far we allow ourselves to be a critical, judgmental and overall negative. By such nasty values we allow more negativity into the world, as if there isn't enough already! Do something good for yourself and for others, instead of making yourself feel better by putting others down!!!!

I hope that this does not offend anyone as it is my opinion and I feel very strongly about this issue!!!

I wish you all a lovely and positive day!!! Make someone smile!!!!

With Love...
Source: Glamor Russia

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