From Las Vegas With Love, part 2...

Hello Darlings, 

First of all, thanks everyone for your support on yesterdays post!!! This is my place to stand up for my personal beliefs and voice my opinion on certain matters, I'm not very good at overlooking things :P Thank you for your sweet words! I adore my blog and more so I adore the new friends ( all of you darlings) that I have made because of it :)

This is the last part of my Las Vegas posts! Lounging by the pool was the best way to beat the heat...and of course, finally have a chance to wear my new Brette Sandler silk cover up.

I am wearing:
Moschino Bikini  
Christian Audigier One piece swinsuit
Juicy Couture Flats
Coach Wristlet
Large Floppy hat from a random store.

Align Center

I am wearing:
Kerrigan by Daryl K silk dress
Ruthie Davis Swarovski Crystal shoes
Coach Clutch

Despite bringing 6 pair of heels and 3 pairs of flats... those fabulous shoes you love so much become a torture device after a few days of all that walking and dancing!!! ( Outchy) After experiencing my first blisters in many years after the first night, I resorted to wearing my trusty flats up until the point of going to clubs.

I am wearing:

Alexander Wang Chiffon Dress

Juicy Couture Flats

Coach Wristlet

Luc Kieffer Ring

At first I could not bear wearing my favorite Wang dress or my new favorite tutu skirt with flats... however, not only did I learn to love it, but I also came to appreciate that it could look cute and add a touch of effortlessness to the entire ensemble. Honestly, I think that flats can look as wonderful as high heels... I know that this is the worst thing to say, since fashion dictates high heels is the most fabulous thing ever. I do find that flats are the best substitute and can be as chic as high heels  on some occasions:)

What do you darlings think? Can flats be as fabulous as high heels?

Lessons learned: Heels are not worth wearing if you're going to cripple your feet! And wearing a floppy hat is a smart choice, not only to shield your face from the harmful rays but also to avoid heat stroke!

I am wearing:
Maggie Ward Dress;
Juicy Couture Flat
Gustto Cokera Purse
A.V. Max Cuff
Floppy Hat from a random store.

As for the rest of the vacation spent exploring, eating and lounging... I wore flats and more casual attire! Including my favorite Meggie Ward dress. It looks amazing with everything, got to love those pieces that offer you endless variety. From casual to night out this dress is ideal!

I am wearing:
Club Monaco Semi-Sheer Top
Abercrombie& Fitch Shorts 
Chanel Sunglasses.

To top of almost every outfit I wore my floppy hat, religiously. I never thought that I could pull it off or feel comfortable wearing it, but I fell in love. A fedora may be the hat of the moment, but it made me feel like a teenage boy and really did not suit my style. Soooooo many people make it look a-m-a-z-i-n-g, I just felt awkward. But the floppy hat made me feel like a lady :)

By the way, if you're ever in Las Vegas check out the Bellagio fountains. They are sooo stunning (click on the video belong and turn on the speakers). Also check out the Eiffel Tower, the views from there is beyond AMAZING!

I wish you all a stunning day!!!

With Love... Marta

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