Yves Saint Laurent Oval Arty Ring

Hello Darlings,

Do you consider yourself a rational person, who makes good spending decisions and exercises restraint? Every so often there is an item that I really want it, but just can’t seem to justify the cost. At the end of the day, I usually feel pretty good about making wise choices.

For me right now, that item is an Yves Saint Laurent Oval Arty Ring. For a year I’ve admired this little gem from a distance until a few days ago. When you’re debating to spend more than you think you should, a second opinion is highly recommended. So after being responsible for so long it was my mother who encouraged to finally buy the ring!

Is it worth the hefty price? At the end of the day, it is costume jewelry. However, I do love it, and like my Yves Saint Laurent heels it is a little over the top and definitely makes a statement. This is one piece of jewelry that I love to simply dwell on while staring at my hand.

I am wearing:
Club Monaco Cotton/Silk Blouse
Wilfred Silk Marais Pant in Leopard
Club Monaco Cassidy Fedora
Jimmy Choo Izzy Shoes
YSL Arty Oval Ring in White
3.1 Phillip Lim Simon Sunnies
Z Spoke by Zac Posen Purse

I couldn't wait to wear it, so for a ho-hum day of errands to Office Depot and Chapters paired it with the simplest of outfits. Some animal print, a little bit of Choo and lots and lots of comfort. Save heel wearing for a less mundane task, maybe a cocktail soiree with your girlies or a lovely dinner with your man.

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By the way, I am off to Montreal and then Trois-Rivières for the next week or so! A bientôt!

With Love...


Post proofread by Iris Braunstein

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