In My Purse: how to say No to an "it" bag

Hello Darlings,

A woman's purse is a piece that should never be crossed by a man. It is a single and most important item that a woman  can purchase as it not only represents her character but also her taste. Show me a purse and I will tell you who you are. Although I am not sure what my purses say about me, here's a quick look inside of it... what story does it tell?

In my Purse from Marta Tryshak on Vimeo.

As I was reading  A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style by Tim Gunn,  I came across this interesting quote on how to choose a bag.

Purchasing a bag should be approached like purchasing a pet. You must assess how much space you have, how much maintenance can you handle, and always be aware that a good bag will be with you for many, many years. If you have limited space in your closet or bank account, the key is, of course, to find that one absolutely perfect bag that works with everything.

First let us talk about some very basic ideas to keep in mind about a bag's styling. The less structure the bag has, the less formal it is. Conversely, a bag that has frame is more formal. How can one tell if it has frame? One way is to put the bag down. Can if stand up on its own? ... These bags have a more tailored, trim appearance. This is not the bag to carry if everything you own works well with Birkenstocks. The Birks lover will be better served by a slouchy style, like a hobo bag. Although slouchy bags can be just as expensive and ornamented...the style generally feels younger and less formal.

What type of purse do you have? And what do you carry in it?

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Source: Louis Vuitton Campaign

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