MMJ Additions and Transitions...

Hello Darlings,

Whew, it has been a crazy summer...full of unexpected events and never ending study sessions! As the summer is coming to a halt and I am counting down the days to my birthday...I must admit that I am looking forward to a start of a new season.

It is not only because I adore fall fashions, but because fall is a beginning of something new. It is the time to pack away summer closet and unpack the fall attire, decide on a darker and richer hue for the hair do, switch from sherbets to burgundies on your nails, tone down the pink lip color, take out the cashmere reserves, and of course step forward with booties and boots! How can it not be exciting?The beautiful coats, the stunning scarfs, a million ways to layer a cardi, the opaque tights, and of course the leather jackets! Just the thought of a beautiful fall day, with a hot coffee in hand, absorbing the last rays of sunshine, surrounded by the falling leaves and the golden colors..makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

In the meantime, I am enjoying the last days of summer and the warmer weather. However, fall/winter planning is not far from my mind as I am focusing on purchasing transition pieces. As some of you may or may not know, I am huge fan of  transition pieces. You know...that item that will take you from spring to summer and from summer to fall or fall to winter; an item that just fits into your wardrobe despite the weather outside.

Well, I have just purchased an ideal transition piece...a stunning  coat from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It was such a perfect find :) The durable cotton is perfect to wear with a light silk or thicker cashmere dress. It is easy to dress up or down and looks really cute with a pair of mary jane's. Saying that this is a perfect addition is an understatement. The moment I saw this coat, I imagined at least a dozen of outfits that would work perfectly with it...if that's not a sure telltale-sign then I don't know what is.

As for the rest of the outfit, I wore this look for a day of errands and a dessert break. I adore the combination of khaki and floral/ girly and classic. However, I must note...wearing silk dresses on  windy days calls for a lot of labor trying to keep the dress from flying away :) Lesson learned: do not wear flow-y silk dresses on windy days! Also, I've been embracing the idea of not wearing make-up and just adding a touch of blush with a bolder and fun lip color. For me, bolder means subtle shade of corals and reds such as the ones I am using from YSL's limited edition lip pallet (still available at Holts).  Shiny orange is my favorite as it beautifully compliment my hair color :P

I am wearing:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Coat in Sandshell Khaki—from Holt Renfrew, Yorkdale
Avoca Anthology  Silk  Swing Dress— from Liv by Au Lit
Juicy Couture "Rose"  in natural snake flats—from Neiman Marcus
Michael Kors Watch—a gift
Chanel Aviators—a gift

Speaking of make-up and all things fabulous and beautiful :) I have received quite a few requests for an updated version of my beauty, make-up, and hair care regiment. Since, I've had the opportunity to discover a lot of new products that I love, I am working on creating an extensive post about each category. So stay tuned... As for my MIA, I send out my sincerest apologies! I was studying for a very important exam and was too preoccupied with a million of other things. But I am done and ready to get back into posting regularly!  A million thanks and hugs to my amazing readers for the support  and patience:) You are the greatest! THANK YOU!

Well, I am off to read yet another book by Karen Essex, Dracula in Love...

What are your favorite transition pieces???? and Are you excited for the fall season? If so Why or Why Not? I am dying to find out... :

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Friday!!!

With Love...


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