Because it's Tuesday..."simply red"

Hello Darlings,

 I HATE red! It's always been that way and it's quite frustrating. I've always thought that it was vulgar and obnoxiously loud. Which in some ways—when worn wrong—is true but lately I've been attracted to all things red.

Yes, including the hair color :P I've come to realize at how beautiful and classic it is. Although provocative in nature, red is very powerful and subdued. I just can't believe that it took me about 22 years to realize that I actually LOVE red! And because of my newly discovered passion for red.... I would like to share this stunning editorial from Harper's Bazaar!


Now the question goes out to you darlings...How do you feel about red? When do you wear the most (as in terms of occasion)?

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Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Tuesday!!!

With Love...


Source: fashion gone rogue

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