Marriage, Babies and Things In Between

Hello Darlings,

After writing a congratulations on a baby card for a close friend overseas, and while getting ready for a bachelorette party, it finally hit me:  my friends and I have grown up! Quite a bold statement but it also got me thinking, everyone does grow old but how many actually grow up?

Too much school work is no longer a real concern and never gets discussed at a dinner table. University and post-graduate school  is just a mere stepping stone and not a life itself. As some friends are planning a wedding, others are preparing for their first child and some are moving away— it is amazing  how different last year was.

Last year at this time, if someone would have suggested WLG and social media would become my career, I would have laughed. Instead, here I am doing what I love and enjoying most of the time working for myself. Such a crazy thought, that I become a business owner and self-employed but at the same time it's a wicked feeling :) Minus, the accounting stuff! Although my plans were thrown off course by a car accident years ago, it made me learn that life never goes according to plan. So, try to stay flexible because things do happen for a reason, even if that reason is impossible to see.

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With New Years just days away, I am excited as to what next year might bring, but also terrified as to what it might not. I am sure that there's more fashion and shoes to come, and guarantee lots more travel and life stories that will be coming your way. This is my first year as a career woman and no longer a student. Although going back to graduate school (part-time, of course!) for business is not far from my mind, I will never be a student again. That thought alone is terrifying.

Therefore to my fair ladies in school, enjoy your time as students and take the time to appreciate it because outside of a campus is a world that is at once terrifying yet exhilarating. Do not be afraid to go after what you love because at the end of the day, your career is what will give you the life that you want.  Dream big, work hard and love even harder.

Celebrate promotions,weddings, babies, house-warmings and success wholeheartedly because life does happen when you're busy making other plans :)

With Love...


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