All I Want For Christmas Is....

Hello Darlings, So what do I want for Christmas? Of course, there is that purse or those shoes but there is nothing that I am "dying" to have  :)   Surprises are way better and add that holiday fun. Who doesn't want surprises and to feel the anticipation? Plus, it's the thought that counts.

What I do love for Christmas are holiday cards in the mail! Who doesn't love a sweet card?

Cards have always meant a lot to me and I cherish those memories. Due to the distance between my family and I— Ukraine and Canada — we always exchange cards for special occasions. A thought out card is one of the most sincere of gifts!

Make someone's day brighter by sending them a sweet holiday card to say " I am thinking of you!" I am a total cheese-ball, I know :)

What is your favourite type of a holiday gift?

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With Love...


Images Source: Kate Spade Holiday Campaigns from 2009 and 2010

Burberry Pre-Fall 2012: Fall in Bows

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