Don't Be a Hero, Just Stay Fabulous

Hello DarlingsLet's admit - in today's day, women can have it all! We are getting great education, succeeding at careers, setting up wonderful homes, getting married, raising kids, taking care of a family, keeping that spark alive with your spouse and still staying fabulous — but at what cost does having it all come?

 Naturally, the feeling of achievement and joy should trump all of the negative side-effects. But, at the end of the day stress does impact on your well being. So you may be able to manage now and feel that you're the queen of your castle, but seriously ask yourself how long can you make this last?

Like many women, I am convinced that I can do it all — bright eyed and bushy tailed  — on just 5 hours of sleep. In my current life,  sleep is a waste of time and I have no time to waste. With 10 hour work days and social activities to follow, everything else has become more important than three "tiny" things, namely sleep, eat, and exercise! I have not seen a gym in months, I never have the time to cook and I hate sleeping. Well, I love sleeping but I hate that so much time passes by with nothing getting done.

Trying to be the hero will most likely result in a crises as some point. After all, I am no super woman - although I really wish to live up to her awesome abilities - and neither are you! So, I've come up with a 5 simple things that will not change much of your dynamic but sure can improve how well you feel every day.

5 Simple Things That Will Rock Your World


Why? Your world will not come crashing down if you  take a break for a day! Plus know this, your face will thank you! The more tense you are , the more your body will pump out adrenaline and in turn the emission of sebum will increase. Sebum oil is what causes pimples! So the more you stress out, the more pimples will be fighting!

Solution: Whenever you are stressed, take a 5 minute time out to steep some tea! The tea will soothe your nerves, and in turn relax your body. But stay away from caffeine as it will do the opposite.


Why? To get the anger out and get rid of that stress!

Solution: If you do not have the time to go to the gym, than think about how to do more walking in your day. Also, try not to over-plan in your head and just use the time to relax. Yes, in my opinion going shopping counts as long as  it is an outside venture and not inside the mall. Fresh air works like magic.


Why? Gaining weight and feeling self-conscious does not help in the stress department.

Solution: If you don't have junk food at home than you won't eat it. Stock up on healthy snacks because when that stress time comes then hopefully all you will have at home is carrots! Harsh, but it really does work.


Why? Because it feels good!

Solution: Do not go shopping when you are angry or upset because buyers remorse will only make you feel worse! But do reward yourself with something nice when you have achieved your goal.


Why? Because everyone needs a day off!

Solution: This is the day when you do whatever you want. If you can't take the whole day off, than at least aim for a few hours.

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For me Sunday is the day when I relax and try to enjoy some "me" time. Unplugging can be challenging, and it's a work in progress due to the nature of my work. It is also my favorite day of the week because there is no pressure to have to go out like on Saturday evening and you can just be!

My Sunday usually begins with a late wake-up call and an hour of just catching with friends and family by Skype with a cup of coffee. I then like to take a little longer to get pretty and head out for a lunch and a stroll through a few stores. I also love taking the time to cook a nice meal and watch a movie :)

Don't be a hero, and just stay fabulous!

With Love...


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