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With his charming personality, impeccable style and great taste in music, it's no wonder that Brendan Fallis is one of the hottest guys in the world of fashion. Brendan is the "it" DJ for New York's fashion scene, a co-founder of the shopping site NMRKTand manager of R&B artist  Theophilus London.

Brendan co-hosted my "Cocktails Before Sex" party at the Thompson Hotel rooftop a few months ago during the Toronto International Film Festival. That was a crazy time for him, since TIFF was the same week as New York Fashion Week, so the poor guy was flying back and forth almost daily to play gigs one day in New York and the next day in Toronto! He's a pretty awesome guy, and I thought you would love to "meet" him, so here are Brendan's comments on all-things music, style, women and relationships....

On Style

WLG:  How would you describe your personal style?

B.F.: Fairly classic with a slight touch of new trends

WLG: Do you have a favorite item that you love?

B.F.: I have this pair of Uniqlo super slim fit jeans that I've worn endlessly and had patched 4 times.  They are about to go in for their 5th round of patching.

WLG: Favorite brand?

B.F.: Brand - Jil Sander

WLG: How important is fashion in the world of globe-trotting DJ’s?

B.F.: Seems to not be that important for most dj's but it should be.  There's a slew of poorly dressed dj's in the world today.  I'd say about 10% of them dress well.

WLG: Who does your shopping? And when you have girlfriends, do you let them choose things?

B.F.:  I don't do much shopping.  Lucky enough at this point to be gifted quite a few things.  But when I go, I just do my own shopping, and yes, have definitely let my girlfriends help pick things out, whether I chose to wear them though, that's a different story....

On Women

WLG: Talk about your view of women’s fashion . Your likes and dislikes?

B.F.: Nothing but love for women's fashion. A lot of terrible fashion out there (uggs still....really?, or kitten heels!) but if you know what you're doing, then wow, you're doing something very well.

WLG: What’s hotter: heels and dresses OR sneakers and jeans?

B.F: Heels!!  And sneakers or jeans is very dependent.  A good combo of both can be really cute.

WLG:  You travel all over the world, what are some fun things you like about women in different areas (ie – California vs. Milan vs. New York, etc.) ?

B.F.: California is great for tanned women, but usually lacking more style than other parts of the world.  Parisian women are so stylish and i love a good french accent.  New York women are a mix of all women in the world as so many people are trying to make it here for some point in their lives, so here you get the best of all worlds.  Beautiful south american skin colors, styles form all over the world making women show their sexiness in all sorts of different ways, and tons of beautiful accents.  Ahhh New York....

WLG: What’s the favorite thing you have bought for a girl in your life?

B.F.: Recently a vintage Chanel purse.  Small, rectangular with gold accents.  I actually got it in Toronto at Cat's Meow.  Pretty much the best selection of high-end womens vintage I've come across under one roof.  I was blown away

On Music

WLG:  You've had an amazing year, what are 2-3 of the coolest experiences that you've had?

B.F.: Going to Russia for 17 hours was pretty incredible.  Back Stage at the Barclay's center opening for Jay-Z was pretty epic, and just getting to travel around the world and back in general takes the cake.

WLG: What do you enjoy more of – managing Theophilus or playing yourself?

B.F.: They are both so different, it's tough to say.  For Theophilus it is more systematic, but high energy.  When I'm dj'ing on my own, it's more creative and smaller more intimate audiences.  Both so amazing though.

WLG: What are some keys to your success – that you could say to encourage readers to keep striving for their own success like you have had?

B.F.: I'd say the age old basics are what has taken me the furthest.  Be polite, be on time, and be positive.  Sounds so corny, but it really helps along the way.  That and networking.  You can be as educated as you could be in this world, but if you don't know anyone, it's not going to take you too far.  Make sure you constantly increase your network, as it will take you much farther than you ever imagined.

On Relationships

WLG: Give a little advice to our audience on dating. Crushes? First Dates? Break-Ups?

B.F.: Crushes: tread lightly but not so far you're not around.

First dates: Be yourself and honest.  Sucks trying to pedal backwards later on.

Break ups: Oh man, no good advice except you'll get over it.  Get out with your friends as much as possible!

To follow Brendan's globe trotting adventures check out his Twitter at @BrendanFallis and Instagram and @BrendanFallis

For his music, check out his SoundCloud


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