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Hello Darlings,

Fall in Canada is so beautiful. I often receive a lot of e-mails about two of my Mackage jackets, which I am always happy to answer each individually. However, I decided to make a general post just in case others are curious or do not feel comfortable e-mailing (although I really do love getting e-mails from you!)

The most common questions are regarding size and quality and for more visit: Mackage

As for maintenance, I am no leather expert so I ALWAYS leave maintenance to one. But first, what I always do is to research before buying, to know what care is required. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of Mackage and have had extraordinary experiences with their outerwear. I've been wearing my leather baby everyday non-stop (including travel) and it still looks NEW... The key is research what other people are saying about the brand before buying, as it's always a good idea to hear from those who actually have the experience with the merchandise.

This garment is a luxury item made of fine and delicate fabric.

With proper care, the qualities of this material will be maintained for years - Mackage.

And I couldn't agree more, with care and regular maintenance...

your jacket will serve you a long time!



Buy from reputable brands. Be sure the texture and color are even. Avoid a tight-fitting style. Read labels and tags. Nubuck leathers stain and fade rapidly.


Save the tags and labels. Always hang your garments on shaped or padded hangers. Hang with closures zipped and buttoned. Do not let it get to dirty before getting it cleaned. Do not store in a plastic bag in order not to dry skins. Do not use shoe creams. If you do use a cream, check first with a cleaner. Go to a professional suede or leather cleaner. Advice the cleaner of any stains/damages. All fastening devices must be removed or covered!

As for today's outfit... it was all about comfort and practicality. Since I had a long day ahead of me and the weather was quite unpredictable, I settled for a cozy outfit. Bulky sweater and my all time favorite disco pants, and Kors boots. And finally took out my very much adored Moschino gloves. I am not the one to wear a lot of jewelry or accessories, so the headband and gloves are cute little details. However, I am really obsessed about my details matching: the gold headband matches my gold details on the boots, purse and bracelets. For me it is all about details, details, and details!

I hope that this post has helped even just a tiny bit! I know that jackets are a big "investment" and you want to make the best choice and then to be able to care for it in the best way possible. If you, lovelies, have anymore questions do not hesitate to drop me a line :)


I'm wishing you a beautiful day!

With Love...


Sources: Mackage, Suedart
Nothing compares to the beauty of Canadian autumn... it is my favorite time of the year, well and X-mas!

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