JP Arencibia on Women and Their Style

Hello Darlings, Yesterday’s article was part 1 of my interview with popular Toronto Blue Jays baseball player JP Arencibia where he talked about his life and personal style. We had such a fun time making the interview since all the while we were also shopping and styling together in the menswear section on the upper level at the main French Connection store in Toronto. So thanks JP for also opening up about his thoughts and preferences on the topic of women and their style.

Here's what he had to say:

M: Least favourite trend in women’s fashion?

JP:  “I hate puffy dresses that make a girl look bigger than she really is. And granny panties!”

 M: Your favourite look on a woman?

JP:  “I think a girl who can just wear t-shirts and jeans — it’s the sexiest thing to me. It seems that girls think that more is better, but often times less is more. I can speak for other guys that we think there is nothing hotter than that. Also white pants or shorts on girls are the best thing in the world; a lot of guys feel the same way."

M: Heels or flats?

JP:  "I think that there is something to be said about both. Heels are just as nice as flats but less is always more."

 M: What is the favourite thing that you’ve done for a woman in your life?

JP:  “For my mom I got her a BMW. For my sister, I got her a six carat diamond tennis bracelet – that was the best gift I’ve ever given. For the girls in my life, I have always done lots of little things that make a difference, I think. I feel like those little things are most important.”

M: What is the best part about female Blue Jay fans? Or being recognized?

JP:  “I am not sure; I guess that girls admire you. It’s a compliment but on another side, I don’t want to be liked just because I am a Blue Jay. Baseball is what I do and there is a fine line. It gets weird when you’re hanging out with someone and it is only because you’re a Blue Jay. What if I was doing something else, what would they think then? "

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I was very impressed with JP Arencibia – he is a really down to earth guy who is very respectful and extremely nice. He has a great personal style, not to mention he is a cute looking guy - definitely someone the girls of Toronto can cheer for :)

Special thanks to JP Arencibia for taking the time to talk to us and thank you to Charmain of French Connection for arranging the store visit at the flagship FCUK store on Bloor Street in downtown Toronto!

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