JP Arencibia on His Personal Style

Hello Darlings, Last Tuesday afternoon, I spent a few hours getting to know the hunky Toronto Blue Jays star baseball player, JP Arencibia. The twenty-six year old Miami native — drafted in 2007 — became the Blue Jays single season leader in home runs by a catcher in 2011. JP also recently earned the Major League Baseball Player of the Week award for the period May 14th – 20th, 2012. Despite his impressive skills, what caught my eye was his personal style. In this girls view, JP is one of the best dressed and groomed players in professional sports in Toronto.

I invited JP to come shopping with me at French Connection’s flagship Bloor Street store, and to discuss his personal style, life and of course women! In person, JP is a sweetheart who adores his super cute French Bulldog named Yogi, and enjoys spending a lot of time with his family. All in all, he is one amazing guy!

Here’s what JP Arencibia had to say when we discussed his life and in particular his personal style:

M: What is your favorite part of the job?

JP: “I get to live my dream. Some people do not enjoy going to work, I enjoy going to work every day.”

M: If you were not in baseball, what would be your second choice?

JP: “I don’t know what I would be doing. The way I think about life is if you work hard for what you want, you will get it."

M: So there was only Plan A?

JP: “In my head, yes. I knew that regardless of what I did, I would try to be successful at it."

M: What did you major in at University of Tennessee?

JP: “Psychology. I took it because it offered the most electives. There was no other reason behind taking it. I always did want to study business, so business would have been my second choice."

M: How would you describe your personal style?

JP: "Classic. Just a simple and clean look; one that is elegant but not over the top."

M: On a casual day, I like to wear:

JP: “Nothing but Lululemon”

M: For going out, I like to wear:

JP: “Depends, if I am going out to a bar then jeans and t-shirt. If going to a club, then it is more jeans and a button-down shirt and a sports coat. Obviously, nice shoes! I think that it depends on where you’re headed, sometimes I just like jeans and hoodie. I am a very easy going person.”

M: Your favorite shopping destination/store?

JP: “I like Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom. I think that they have good clothes. Neiman Marcus has trendy clothes that are still classy. I like Nordstrom because they have good shoes. I really enjoy shoes."

M: Who’s you favorite shoe designer?

JP: “For sneakers, I like Nike. For dress shoes, Ferragamos are pretty nice. I like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but I don’t like the showy ones. I also, think that John Varvatos has good shoes.”

M: Do you have a favorite designer or brand?

JP: “ First of all, any jeans brand that could fit my legs - 7 For All Mankind and Hudson. Hudson’s are actually one of my favorite jean brands.

As for clothing, I don’t know. Michael Kors has a good line. Bugatchi makes nice dress shirts. Lacoste fits well; their t-shirts and v-necks have always fitted me well. French Connection has some good stuff too."

 M: Favorite Accessory?

JP: “Watches, I love watches! I have two Breitlings, a Rolex and a Bell & Ross. Bell & Ross is the one that took me a while to get. It’s all black limited edition and only 500 of them have been made. Called Bell & Ross Phantom and it’s my favourite."

M: Cologne that you wear?

JP: “Gucci’s Guilty is what I have been wearing lately. I also like Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue. I don’t like strong scents, but ones that are fresh and light. Growing up, I used to wear Davidoff’s Cool Water.”

M: You have really good hair. Who’s your hairdresser?

JP: “I get my hair cut anywhere, really.”

M: You don’t go to just one?

JP: "No, I just go to random salons."

M: Do you shop yourself or someone else shops for you?

JP: “No, I shop for myself. I am pretty easy. When I see something, I know if I want it or not. I know my style so if I see something I like, I will get it.”

M: Do you enjoy to shop?

JP: “When the team travels, we try to go to malls and check out stores. I enjoy shopping."

M: Do you ever shop online?

JP: “With my size, it is hard to shop for clothing. When I do shop online, it is for different stuff. Maybe, shoes."

I hope you’ve enjoyed the interview, and tomorrow I will share the second part of our interview where JP talks about women and their style.

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JP Arencibia on Women and Their Style

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