Introducing The Latest Find: DAVIDsTEA

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As part of my blog rejuvenation process, I've decided to add a weekly section called The Latest Finds.

In this weekly post, I will share with latest finds! Not just things that I found randomly but ones that I really  adored....from the smallest pleasures to the largest adventures. Whatever sparks an interest in me... Of course, the intention is to hear your latest finds as well. Hopefully, this is going to turn out great with lots of interaction and sharing of ideas :)

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This week's latest find is...


WHERE: Sherway Gardens but there are various locations.

WHY: Not only because it is absolutely amazing and Canadian; but because as far as teas and selection goes, this is it! It's the greatest.  If you're a tea lover, this is the place to try!

Know your tea....

Black tea Think black tea makes you feel good? You’re right. It’s been proven to help you de-stress fast. It also helps eliminate bad breath. Plus medical research indicates that it lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and reduces bad cholesterol.

Green tea Want to stay slim, trim and beautiful? The antioxidants in green tea just might slow signs of aging, prevent the flu and raise your metabolism. More dramatically, it’s being shown to prevent and slow cancer, and help with arthritis and bad cholesterol too.

Oolong tea This one’s known as a fat-buster in China, and science is indicating that it does indeed speed up your metabolism, burn fat and block fat absorption! Use it to fight expanding waistlines, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

White tea Science is saying that white tea might be more effective than even green tea at preventing cell damage, shrinking cancerous tumours and stopping the growth of cancer cells. Plus it’s becoming the new cosmetic fix for aging skin. Beautiful!

Pu’erh tea Traditional Chinese medicine prizes Pu’erh as a wonder tea. It’s said to aid digestion, cleanse the blood and help with weight loss. Studies in Europe are also saying it busts cholesterol as effectively as some medications.

Rooibos tea: It’s said that rooibos helps you recover from hangovers, and that it could slow dementia. Plus there’s evidence that it fights skin cancer and boosts the immune system. And it’s supposed to help with insomnia!

Maté tea Yerba maté is a fabulous stimulant, without the jitters. It’s also full of antioxidants, so there’s scientific speculation that it could have anti-cancer properties, help stimulate the immune system and protect against disease.

Herbal tea Herbs, spices, fruits and flowers have long been used in traditional medicine to cure everything from headaches, stomach bugs and colds to stress and insomnia. The power of the tea depends on its ingredients.

What is your favorite tea?
What is your latest find?

P.S. Will be back shortly with a Kenneth Cole Giveaway and a new post....

Happy Friday!!!

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