Inspired By My See by Chloé Booties

Hello Darlings, Often at random times is when you most appreciate how lucky and happy is your life. So much so, I am concerned to jinx what is happening with my own life! As I was buying travel essentials, I thought how this week will be rich with travel, experiences, and meeting interesting people.

Monday, I will travel to Montreal for their Fashion Week, and to host my own WithLoveGabrielle event. This time last year, I was finishing University and interning at Sotheby’s, so it is surreal how different is my life just one year later. There is a HUGE world outside of school, which is not as scary as it seemed :P With creativity and a bit of hard work, making one’s own path can be exhilarating!

I am excited to meet contest winner Jessica Plusquellec for our Fashion Meets Fabulous with W Montreal, Melissa Nepton and Aldo Shoe. Monday evening, we will meet at an Aldo Shoes store to each select a new pair to wear for the evening, then with front-row seating we will watch the Melissa Nepton show, followed afterwards with cocktails at the W Montreal. Pretty exciting stuff, and to think that eight people helped me to organize this, is amazing!

And while I might not have chosen a conventional path, it feels great to get a handle on my life on my own terms. There have been a lot of naysayers this past year, with a lot of no-s and you won’t do it; but those occasional yes-s and you did it is often what keeps you going. My new motto is if you love it then do it. Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise. However, take every suggestion and advice with as much understanding as possible. And by believing in yourself, it is amazing what you may accomplish!

I AM WEARING: Club Monaco Jasmine Cashmere Sweater // Mackage Abella Trench Coat // 7 For All Mankind 10th Anniversary The Skinny Jeans // See by Chloé Gondola Shearling Booties // Coach Madison Leather Lindsay Satchel

Perhaps of topic – but then again the topic here is always fashion - my willingness to try new things and an absolute conviction that I can make it work is seen through my new See by Chloe booties, which I've always admired but were always too terrified to try! Voila, I am wearing them and trying! I am just kidding, well, to an extent.

In all of honestly, everyone needs a reminder because at the end of every dark time there is always a reward. Work hard and things will work themselves out as long as you believe in yourself and stay positive. As a wise person told me, negativity is a first step to failure.

Shall we all work hard towards our goals and stay positive and self-confident throughout!

With Love...


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