How I Met Your Mother

Hello Darlings, I always admire those mothers, who seem to have it all figured out. A career, a supportive husband, incredible physique with a pair of well-behaved children. Among those mothers is mine!

She not only defended her Ph.D while in her last trimester with me, she was a professor in Ukraine, she established a wonderful career in Canada, is happily married to my father for the past 25 years, a wicked cook, the best mother, and doesn't look a day over 40 —  she is a wonder woman, in my mind!

Although children of my own are far from my mind at this stage in life,  they are definitely part of my future. Whenever a topic of family arises, I always wonder how can one woman have so many façades. In the modern day, she is not only expected to be a caring mother, a loving wife, a chef, a house-wife  but also a business woman and a complete knock-out. No pressure at all! So can any girl become a "Victoria Beckham" minus the scary heels?

My parents raised me to believe that a woman is strong enough to have both without sacrificing the other: a happy family and a prosperous career. I am sure that they are right, because a woman who is happy and believes in herself can do anything.

What do you think? Can a woman have it all?

P.S. Note to self, need to find a pair of classic black pointy pumps. Suggestions?

With Love...


Images Courtesy: Vogue Russia, May 2012

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