Has grunge gone too far along with Dsquared2

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First of all, I should warn everyone this an opinionated post. I do not mean to offend anyone, and apologize in advance if my views are not shared or seem offensive. I apologize but feel the need to discuss...

When visiting one of my favorite blogs, Along the Shore , I read the post about the latest Dsquared2 collection which left me first irritated, insulted, and then got me thinking!

Dsquared2 is owned by Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten, and I have always thought highly of the guys, but have they taken this " I am just too cool" too far? Beer? and a dress.... can I say classy? Plus, what's up with the Maple leafs... .as a Canadian I am offended, people in Canada do not drink Budweiser beer 24/7 and look like timber-jacks... and the band aids (what is this Nelly facial bandage reincarnated?)? Great Inspiration (camping), but that's insulting (to me as a Canadian). Lindsey Lohan should be their new face! Heads up ladies, we should all hit the Beer Store... Beer is the hottest accessory! ooh and don't forget the trucker hats!

"Teen Vogue Party 09"

This grunge trend has gone too far to my liking. I know the "I don't give a shit" attitude and " I don't care how I look" and " haven't showered in weeks" appearance is considered cool...but I feel like it has done too far.

At first I found the trend to a certain degree liberating and artistic, but now I feel this has gone beyond appearance and the trend is becoming a cult of attitude and lifestyle. I do not think that looking drunk, wobbling all over the place and chain smoking is at all cool!

"Teen Vogue Party 09"

But why is this trend so embraced? What is so appealing about grunge and drunk 16 year olds being titled "It" girls and worshiped as gods of cool? Why is Teen Vogue party polluted by under-age stoned, drunk, kids chain-smoking... where is the Vogue class Anna Wintour? Why would Amy Astley (Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue) present this image (they are teens)?

"Teen Vogue Party 09"

There are limits... and it's tragic if this is how culture is evolving!

Please comment with your opinions, because I really just don't get it!!!


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