Bright and Early...

Good Morning Darlings,
Well, for me it is morning, to be exact 8:00 am and I am up bright and early, and already to go :) The temperature outside are getting lower with everyday and I am quite excited for the colder weathers as the ski season is just around the corner!
Anyways, getting to the point as I have very little time before heading out for my French test, yup  I am having my first French test and I am quite nervous :S As for today's outfit it was pretty simple but of course, detailed. Since Toronto is expecting a pretty chilly day, I've settled for a turtleneck dress with a trench and of course my favorite Juicy boots.
I adore the pretty gold detailing on the dress and how perfectly it matches with my gold outline and sole of the boots and the detailing of the laptop purse. I also really like how perfectly my purse strap and trench match :P I am a total freak when it comes to details and matching :P I especially hate mixing silver and gold in accessories and details.Not sure why, but i do.
I am wearing: H&M Dress; Wilfred Linen Trench; Juicy Couture Boots; Juicy Couture Laptop Purse;Calvin Klein Opaque Tights; Diamond Ring courtesy jewelers.
Well, off I go... wish me luck :)
Also I wanted to thank you for the awesome input on Monday's post, I enjoyed reading your thoughts very much :) Some issues, I feel quite strongly about certain issues!
P.S. Darlings, please bare with me I know that I have fallen behind on commenting and e-mailing back. )
I wish you all a beautiful mid-week!!!!
With Love...

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