Get In With a Swing

Hello Darlings, To be a lady, certain details can be overlooked while others should be learned, and learned early! Among the many frightening social mishaps this one is crucial to learn. A topic that may seem silly to discuss but I will take the liberty... as I have seen a number of not so lady-like sights this weekend.

Earlier today, while getting into my vehicle I glanced at a neighboring car and received an eyeful of polka dot panties, presented by a woman who seemed mostly concerned with not spilling her cup of coffee! I've seen such a presentation before, but only on a Saturday night after the party is over and everyone is getting into a taxi, not in broad daylight at a shopping mall.

I AM WEARING: Sayami Cashmere Scarf // Club Monaco Zowie Skirt // Zara Wool Coat // See by Chloe Gondola Shearing Wedges// Coach Madison Leather Lindsay Satchel // YSL Arty Ring // 3.1 Phillip Lim Simon Sunnies

Careless or mistaken, such indiscretions can always be avoided. I was taught this technique ages ago when attending a modelling school. Yes, therefore it is a professional technique that can that can save you from many embarrassing moments! A skirt is a fabulous choice for an outfit, to be worn with confidence (but without the flash).

To Get In A Car / Taxi:

1. Sit down sideways on the seat with knees together.

2. Slowly swing both of your legs inside.

* Never step into the car when wearing a skirt *

 To Get Out:

1. Edge your bottom all the way along the seat.

2. Swing both legs out of the car together, knees always together.

3. Use a hand to push off the rear. If with a gentleman, extend one hand to him for help.

* Again, never step out. Always swing out *

Always get in with a swing!

With Love...



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