French kills all the fun...

Hello Darlings,

Right now, I am in the library studying for my French test. Bored out of my mind! Just staring outside the window...check out the pretty view:

hahha...and this is what I wish I was doing!

Earlier this morning, Andrew and I grabbed some Starbucks and took Johnny to a park for some good old fun in the snow(with Starbucks). It was a fun day that turned into miserable boredom due to complicated  passé compos é and imparfact memorizing. Bla Bla Bla... at times languages suck. Personally, I think German was easier, but that is just me!

Weekend is just around the corner... and we have lots of fun plans. All I have to do is just figure out the outfits!

I am wearing: Mackage Peaches Jacket (a gift from parents); Blank Jeggings (from Liv by Au Lit);  Marioche Wool Toque (from Sporting Life); Portolano Cashmere Gloves ( from Winners); Michael Kors Eagle Boots (from Michael Kors); Gustto Cokera Purse ( from Revolve Clothing); Ray Ban Rayfarers ( a gift from Andrew)

Well, I am off... misery calls :P I know...I know... I have the most positive outlook when it comes to studying! But it is just so darn brutal.

I am going to end on a positive note...saying that I am totally looking forward to tonight. I am going out with one of my girlies for custom made cookies and apple cider. Afterall, there's light at the end of educational tunnel :P

Wishing Everyone A Beautiful Day ( and if you're studying... Stay Calm and Carry On)!!!

With Love...


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