Fashion Magazine and Coty Canada launch Calvin Klein “Beauty” Fragrance…

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The other night I was invited to celebrate Fashion Magazine's launch of Calvin Klein's Beauty perfume at the Terrace Room at the Gardiner Museum  in Toronto.

In a room of 49 media representatives, I attended a press conference to listen to Sophie Labbé and Senior Manager Global Marketing Stephanie Schwab discuss the concept behind their iconic new scent. Following the press conference, the space was transformed into a gallery-like setting that featured five photographic interpretations of a calla lily. The exhibit served as a backdrop to a fabulous soirée that was attended by 175 guests.

The event was fabulous! The company of Chantelle from Bellechantelle and Helene made the night!

The perfume

Calvin Klein Beauty evokes the power of femininity and sophistication, while capturing the spirit of a woman who is beautiful from the inside out. A new interpretation of a lily is the heart and soul of the perfume. A flower that is the essence of femininity, the lily is also radiant and powerful.

Sophie Labbé has worked on fragrances for Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Cacharel and Nina Ricci. Her latest creation captures a beauty that resides within a woman who is confident and fragile; and symbolized by the calla lily.  The flower has its own history as a favorite of Calvin Klein and as flower that has been an inspiration to Francisco Costa.

Rather than discuss technical constraints to extract a lily's natural scent or use a synthetic replica, Labbé imagined what she describes as a "neo-lily", achieved with three primary ingredients. Ambrette seeds, from variety of hibiscus grown in Ecuador and Peru, account for the spiciness. Jasmine, from Morocco, fulfills the flowery role and brings special freshness to the part. Cedarwood is put through a distillation process that yields a warmth sometimes list with other methods.

The Exhibit

An interpretation of a lily through the eyes of five photographers: (From left to right)

  • Untitled by Karen Roze
  • Callous by Caitlin Cronenberg with Art Direction by Jessica Ennis
  • Untitled by Natasha V
  • Three Calla Profiles on Polaroid byJody Rogac
  • Ode to Yva by Davida Nemeroff

The Outfit

It took me forever to pull together an outfit. The party was on Wednesday and I had a casual lunch date with Anthea of Clothes Line Finds before. So I wanted an outfit appropriate for lunch, while keeping in mind CK's spirit of simplicity.


I chose a simple look with various textures. The grainy texture of my  leather Heny Duarte blazer was matched by the texture of my suede Pedro Garcia mary janes, and the delicate flow of the silk Club Monaco blouse created a  balanced contrast. Although the outfit might not be fashion-forward, it made me feel confident and strong. At the end of the day, that is all that matters :)

I am wearing:
Club Monaco Christina Silk Shirt
Henry Duarte No. Q65 lamb leather blazer 
Burberry Dark Indigo Wash Flare Leg
Swarovski Aline Pierced Earrings 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Percy Purse
  Pedro Garcia "Mary Jane" Pump
Since Calvin Klein is the topic of today's post, I want to share this interview
from Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style:
Francisco Costa, on minimalism with allure

Q: What it is about a white shirt that is so appealing?

A: A white shirt always looks crisp and sexy. It's a fashion staple.

Q: What is your favorite article of clothing on a woman?

A: The skirt is the most feminine article of clothing on a woman and can dictate the whole silhouette.

Q: How does a woman dress with minimalism without looking boring?

A: One should always refer to the proportions to update the silhouette—the same old dress can look exciting in a new length.

Q: What is the best lesson you have learned from Brazilian women?

A: Brazilian women know how to let the sensuality speak for itself.

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Wishing Everyone a Lovely Monday!!!

With Love...


Images Courtesy: bellechantelle; bizbash; fashionights; heydoyou
Sources Used: Calvin Klein Press Package;
Fashion Magazine's Fashion Style Report;
Little Black Book of Fashion by Nina Garcia.

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