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Despite the Juicy Couture brand not being in favor with the fashion community, I do like the feminine and laid-back appeal. I understand why fashionistas hate the velour track suit, since I am a part of that group. However, in my view the same dislike should not be applied to the entire line. My experience with Juicy Couture merchandise has been great, and I was excited to hear that Erin Fetherston is their new guest designer.

I couldn't help myself when finding this beautiful silk jumper on Shopbop. As some of you may know, I adore Juicy Couture (most of the time). Yes, even their tracksuits (no "Juicy" on my bum) as lounge wear around home, to walk my dog, or when on an airplane for more than 10 hours! But only for lounge wear! Note: Never use the tracksuit as substitute for REAL CLOTHING! Because it is not!

According to  New York Fashion,

Juicy Couture founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy recently left the label they started in 1996 with some fortuitous sweatpants. And now Juicy has brought Erin Fetherston in to design the line beginning in May and extending through 2011, with Fetherston's first pieces for the line debuting for holiday 2010. She won't be involved with the label's recently launched upscale line Bird by Juicy Couture. She was probably brought on to get retailers excited about the line again. Nordstrom decided not to carry Juicy Couture apparel for fall, though they plan to still look at forthcoming collections and will carry accessories. Skaist-Levy and Nash-Taylor reportedly had many disagreements over quality of the line with management at Liz Claiborne, which owns Juicy Couture. It's ironic the apparel isn't doing well these days, since expensive sweatpants are so IN right now.

Although I am skeptical with all of the criticism towards the line, I do agree that Fetherston is a much needed change in order to bring a bit of fashion back to the brand. Fetherston revealed her holiday collection on November 17 at the Juicy Couture boutique on Rodeo Drive and I think that it's adorable, which is why to make a purchase something for my own closet.

“I drew inspiration from the 1930s,” said Fetherston, who herself was wearing a black satin jumpsuit with a bow at the waist ( the one I purchased!), also from the collection, which drew a strong contrast to her blunt, platinum blond haircut. “There was such beautiful draping with velvet during that period.” ( Los Angeles Times)

I can't wait for my jumpsuit to arrive! The piece is versatile and can be worn for many occasions... but  first I just want to try it on! I am very excited for the collaboration and looking forward to seeing how Juicy Couture is going to be re-invented :)

What do you think of Juicy Couture? What do you think of this new partnership?

Do you see yourself wearing these designs? Why or why not?

P.S. I have a very exciting guest post coming up from an awesome foodie.... be sure to check back!!!!

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