Cozy Knits - Mariouche Fox Fur

Hello Darlings, 

Living in Canada comes with it's fair share of good and bad. To the good, ski season lasts a long time. To the bad, freezing your tushy in -20 temperatures. But then again there is an upside to extreme cold weather, since it present me with a new fashion challenge... So today's HUNT is finding the perfect extreme cold weather hat!


I have not worn a hat since grade nine, instead just using the hood of my parka. But now that I transferred to a wool coat, my ears are freezing. Thus my search for a warm hat, which is more of a challenge than I could imagine!

In my experience, hats come in limited supplies and in pretty boring variations. Eventually I found this Mariouche Hat with recycled fox fur. The hat cost $100, which is more than I wanted to pay, but it's cute and really warm!

My ears are toasty warm and surprisingly it never leaves me with "hat hair" or " flat hair".
CRAZY or NOT! - it was just too cold.

Photobucket I am wearing: Mariouche Hat with recycled fox fur Gap Sweater in Grey Corpus Skinnies in Ash Regina Italia Handmade Italian Leather Bag in Plum Juicy Couture Leather Boots Accessories & Beyond Elastic Bracelet Set in Black & Gold


Knit Hats as Seen on the Runway There's always an inspiration....

Chanel;Burberry Prorsum; Hermes.


Twilight Update: I finished the last book of Twilight Saga - Breaking Down - during my trip - I LOVED IT. I really hope Stephanie Meyer decides to publish Midnight Sun - which is Edward's version of Twilight. If you have any info on this book.... please do share.


I wish you all a wonderful day and stay warm... hehe!!!!

With Love... Marta
Sources: Stockholm Streetstyle; Fashion Spot;

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