Visiting Black Halo

Hello Darlings,

While in Los Angeles, I was fortunate to visit the design studio of one of my favorite labels — Black Halo. I am a big fan of designer Laurel Berman, so seeing where her creative ideas are born was a special treat. Unlike any other dresses, my three Black Halo signature Jackie O dresses hold a special place in my closet. The way I feel when wearing them is incomparable.

Black Halo is famous for strong silhouettes, which celebrate your curves and enhance the female figure. While not every dress is right for every woman, every woman can find a dress that is right for her. And luckily Black Halo seems to be the perfect style for me.

The highlight of my tour was definitely meeting Laurel Berman, who is a strong, engaging, and inspiring woman. So having met the creative force behind the brand, it's obvious why Black Halo designs suit so many types of women - because Laurel has a clear  appreciation of what makes women feel strong and beautiful.

In Fall 2012, Laurel launched a stunning red carpet line called Eve, which in many ways feels like an extension of Black Halo. While Black Halo was never meant to be a red carpet line, it has become a favorite of many celebrities. Thus the reason why Laurel launched Eve.

If you're curious, the Black Halo design studio and head office is in the downtown Los Angeles in the trendy fashion district. The space is open concept with impressive chandeliers in every room and lilies in every nook. Laurel's office is filled with fashion prints and vintage furniture. The office even adopted a wild cat who lives mostly in Laurel's office. The cutest part was exploring Laurel's beautiful bathroom in her office, which is something that I can appreciate since a lot of my best inspiration comes when relaxing in my own bathroom!

To see more images from my tour, click this link to view the facebook album.

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