Black Friday Online Shopping 101

Black Friday Online Shopping 101

Hello Darlings, We all love a good bargain! Like a hot cocoa on a cold day, a great bargain makes us feel warm and fussy inside. There isn't a feeling that comes close to that of finding an amazing pair of Manolos on sale! I mean really, what can bring  a greater retail joy — two pairs?!

With Black Friday just days away, a girl can't miss an opportunity of a perfect score. Known across the United States as the "official" kick off to the holiday shopping season, Black Friday is the day following American Thanksgiving. This year, it falls on November 29th. According to The International Council of Shopping Centers, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005. Therefore, this is the day to get your shopping on!

During Black Friday don't forget to check out online shopping! When the malls close or before they even open, be sure to grab a cup of coffee and check out the sales online. During busy periods such as Black Friday, it is nice having access to awesome sales from the comfort of your own home. I do enjoy going into the mall, however I always shop online during Black Friday!

Despite not having to face any crowds, we are faced with lots and lots of options. With thousands of retailers online it can be daunting to find what you're looking for and  for a great price. There's always that question, "Can I find a better deal elsewhere?"

This is when the comparison shopping engines, like, come into play by helping customers shop online by comparing the prices on various products. The engine searches through the Internet to find the best deals available, it is kind of like your own personal shopping assistant.

Also, when shopping online don't forget to...

... Consider more than just the price

Make sure you take into account shipping, warranties and service as well.

...Order in advance

Be aware of the delivery time that is outlines for your purchase and be mindful of when you need the item

... Share your experience

When you were making your online purchase, you probably consulted reviews. So don’t hesitate to share your own.

Now with those few points online, will you be checking out Black Friday sales online?

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