Beauty Product Expiry Dates

Beauty Product Expiry Dates

Hello Darlings, Beauty products are our secret weapon! A touch of concealer can erase a late night and a dab of blush brings back a radiant glow. A day at the spa is our retreat and a new lipstick can save a terrible day. As women, we love our beauty routine! Why shouldn't we when those little lotions and potions make us feel fabulous.

With that in mind, it is every woman's responsibility to know the expiry dates of her beauty and skincare products. Sadly, only 1 in 4 women actually pay attention to the expiry date. Similar to food, expired products are hazard to your health.

Using expired products can cause serious eye infections, impetigo which is a highly contagious skin disease as well as irritations and hives. To  be safe please be sure to toss any products that are past their expiration date. Most products will have a "period after opening" (PAO) symbol on the packaging. The symbol looks like an open jar followed by a number of months marked with an "M".

Typically, below are the expiry dates for most beauty products....

Mascara — 6 months

Eye Cream —  6 months

Lipstick — 12 to 18 months

Lip and eye pencils — 12 to 18 months

Liquid and cream foundation — 2 years

Concealer —2 years

Powder — 2 years

Eye shadow — 2 years

Powder and cream blush — 2 years

Moisturizer — 2 years

Sunscreen — 2 years

Face Cream — 2 years

Now be sure to keep an eye out for following dates and stay fabulous!

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