Behind the Scenes: Filming Celebrity Style Story

Hello Darlings,  This week is a blur, among everything I also filmed five episodes of the E! Channel television show Celebrity Style Story. The show airs every Sunday on E! at 10:30.

Since becoming a part of Celebrity Style Story cast, I film 5  episodes every month. Each episode focuses on the style evolution of a particular celebrity. In this month's filming, I gave my insights into the style evolution of Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Ryan Gosling and Kelly Osbourne. My experience filming a TV show is still very new and exciting, so I thought that sharing a behind the scenes look might be of interest for some of you as well :)

A typical day of filming starts at Exit Salon for my hair, as we film in front of the green screen my hair must be very uniform with no frizz. Following the salon visit, I learned the hard way the importance of having a big lunch as filming on an empty stomach is a disaster since it's so mentally tiring filming for hours. Next up is a having my make-up done just before the shoot for another half hour - it's amazing how much they layer on! Apparently everything can be seen on HD - it's like my worst dream coming true!

Each tv shoot takes about three to four hours to complete. During those hours, I just sit in front of the camera, look at photos of various star styles, then provide my insights and answer questions! I do prepare for shoot by doing research and creating notes, but to be natural on camera it's really not very rehearsed. Also, I always have lots of sugar snacks as being perky for hours can be a challenge. Regardless it is always fun :)

I AM WEARING: Juicy Couture Lace Dress // Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats// Ettika Handmade Friendship Bracelet 

I never thought about pursuing a career in television, but have to say it's been fun!

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