Women and Entitlement: Avoid Broke and Thirty

Hello Darlings, For the past year or so, I have obsessively been watching Slice TV’s show, Princess. Hosted by Gail Vaz-Oxlade, the series sets out to inspire women to make good financial decisions by profiling spoiled spenders, and encourage them to grow up and get real.

The most recent episode specifically inspired this article, in which a 22 year old blonde with extensions, fake tan, french manicure, and designer clothes lives according to the premise that it is a man’s job to pay. In her words, “he should get into his pocket, take out lots of cash, and just keep me happy.” It is of course every man’s dream to find a woman who will sit on her behind baking cookies and birthing kids with absolutely no career or aspirations to achieve success on her own. Next thing you know, she is out on her broke behind with nothing but her entitlement.

In this particular episode Gail questioned Princess as to what will happen if they have three kids and he dumps her for someone younger and firmer? The young wiz answered, “I will get a lift!” Ladies, when it comes to men things are really simple: they get bored. In the same way a toddler is bored with his toy trucks. Let’s face it, planning on marrying rich or having kids to bank in simply does not work (except in movies, albeit none that I’ve seen the past few years). For one, he will get bored because women with such mentality are boring! Two, you will end up being broke, alone and middle aged. So the wise choice is to make your own way with establishing your own career in twenties to ensure that in your thirties and onwards, you are the fabulous woman that you always wanted to be!

I do not mean to be harsh, but this nonsense Princess mentality has become a real problem in our society. I do not understand as to why I hear so many women decrying such entitlement. I understand that we live in a material society and almost every girl aspires to possess their own closet of fashion, labels and all things luxe. So does that mean the more accessible these luxury goods are, the more entitled we become? And as a result does this make it understandable that some women are demanding their men to give them designer fashions, dream vacations, perfect homes? And if so, then what is in it for the men in exchange? That she is the mother of his children? Or simply the price he is supposed to pay to have her in his life?

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Do not get me wrong, I am guilty wanting all the finest things in life, but never has a man ever paid for it. I mean, that no longer makes you a partner but a subordinate. Plus, what woman wants to ask a man for permission to get her something or even depend on his money just to get her through the week. Call me a feminist but those Jimmy Choo’s that you are sporting better be paid by your own debit card and not your ex-boyfriends. Otherwise, Princess not only do you need some backbone, YOU NEED A JOB!

So my question is this: are women becoming progressively more gold digging due to a growing sense of entitlement to own luxury goods?

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