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How many of us have spent hours discussing all matters of love and relationships over cocktails, coffees, dinners and definitely shopping trips. Men, relationships, marriages, break-ups, love, babies, divorces hold a special place in the realm of girl talk. Despite this insight, love and relationships remained an area that I was not very keen on discussing on With Love…

Why not discuss an area that is so natural to women? Because relationships are complicated, and discussing emotions is not my strength. If it doesn’t work, then don’t fix it. If it works, then nourish it. It is great to work at a relationship, but not at love. Love is supposed to be natural, never feeling like a job. Well, for those who have been curious about my views on relationships and marriage: this is it.

A healthy relationship is two individuals co-existing in perfect balance or equilibrium. A sense of individual development in a relationship is necessary to be truly happy. Expecting your partner to be your source of happiness is unreasonable. As an individual, you need to pursue your goals, and in a couple each person should offer support and encouragement to the other’s pursuits. In the role of a partner, it is not one’s right to dictate the other’s life. This brings me to another point: marriage. Do I want to get married? If it’s right.

I believe in sanctity of marriage because of my traditional upbringing and religious beliefs.  I think entering into a marriage is one of the greatest joys in life, and marriage vows should be  cherished throughout a lifetime. However, marriage is only wonderful when you’ve met that right partner. Otherwise what’s the point? And while I believe in marriage, I do not think that it is one of life’s requirements. If you’re lucky enough to have met a person that makes you want to reach for the stars, then commit. But if you’re in doubt, then lead a happy and fulfilling life without that commitment. 

If you are wondering why I am discussing these topics, it’s because of one book Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book is an eye- opener, which I will review in the next post.

What are your views on love, relationships, and marriage?

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