With Love... at Toronto Indy Pit Lane

Hello Darlings,

Surely you’re thinking, “Racing, again?”  No one is as surprised as I am! The things a girl will do for the man she cares about apparently include wearing a pair of jeans in +35°C and waking up at 5:30 am. Despite the minor glitches, which included boiling in the sun and walking half a marathon, I was more than excited to support E and his team at the Toronto Indy.

As an unofficial (though definitely enthusiastic!) part of the team, I have rare access to the pit lane of the races, which I must admit is worth boiling in denim for. For safety reasons, it is a requirement for everyone in the pit lane to be entirely covered. This limits fashion options, but I cannot complain, as the weekend was tons of fun.

I am wearing ( first and second outfits):
Club MonacoIman Silk Shirt in Camel
Club Monaco Zowie Skirt
Wilfred Little Moon Chiffon Blouse
7 for All Mankind Skinny Jeans in Rinsed Indigo
Michael Kors Watch
3.1 Phillip Lim Simon Sunnies

For those of you who are dating an athletic type, or who are yourself in the sports industry, you should of course gear up for a day of activities by paying close attention to the dress code (safety first!). In this case, accessories will be your best friend. My personal favorite is a hat, as it not only protects your face from the sun but also takes care of any hair styling woes. And of course, be generous with the SPF!

I am wearing:
Team Shirt
7 for All Mankind Skinny Jeans in Rinsed Indigo
Club Monaco Cassidy Fedora
Repetto "Rose Amour" Ballerinas
Michael Kors Watch

Friday, I wore a simple skirt with a blouse and avoided the pit lane. Saturday, I wore a silk blouse with an open back. As for the final race on Sunday, it was all about team spirit with a racing shirt supporting E’s team. Every outfit was topped off with my new Club Monaco hat, a pair of 3.1 Philip Lim sunnies and my all-time favorite Repetto ballerinas.

How do you support your man in his pursuits?

With Love...


Post proofread by Iris Braunstein

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